How could Arsenal line-up on the 1st day of the season?

132I am usually one of the more chilled out people involved in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. I go for the booze, I go for the banter, and if the football is positive, it’s a bonus. I try not to concern myself with club finances, scouting, transfers, what will be will be. There is no point spending hours a day, every day of the year, moaning about everything.

Many people complain about everything, football is there life, success is their king. And I see them on Facebook, on Twitter, every day, finding a new thing to moan about. Usually twisting things round to having a go at Arsene Wenger, abusing him.

I wonder how unwilling their lives must be, how depressed they must be, how they must always walk round with a frown on their face. A very sad, negative, abusive bunch of people.

Social media has done this to fans. You live the club 24/7. Let it affect your days. Rather than just turn up on a Saturday and enjoy yourself with your pals – interestingly, those who seem to be the most negative, the most abusive, do not go. Maybe that is their problem? Living your football life through Facebook or Twitter can be a depressing place.

Go to The George after a defeat. People are annoyed for about half an hour, then the booze starts flowing, the tunes start playing, and your sadness is lifted. Those who do not go to games then spend their time on Social Media moaning and bitching about the result all evening. It must get them so down.

Anyway, I digress. Despite me being fairly care free about what happens outside the 90 minutes, I am starting to get a tad concerned about how we are going to look on the first day of the new season at home to Liverpool.


We have just 1 month to go until the new season starts. Pre-season is in progress. Preparation beginning. But we look short.

Not just short due to only signing one senior player, but also due to the amount of player who will miss up to the 1st month of football.

Arsene Wenger (rightly) gives players a full month off. This means those involved in the later stages of the European Champions or Copa America are unlikely to be involved for a while. Then it usually a month to get back to 100% match fitness. You are then looking at it being about 8 weeks between a players last game on international duty, and them being fit and ready to play again.

Arsenal had 10 players at Euro 2016, and a further 3 at Copa America.

Not all 13 will be unavailable come Liverpool on the 1st day of the season, as some barely played, others were knocked out so early it does not effect anything. But their will be a few key players missing. And of course, Tomas Rosicky is no longer with the club.

Hector Bellerin
Last game: 7th June
Notes: Despite not playing a single minute at Euro 2016, Bellerin is still on holiday. I would imagine he would return to the club at some point over the next 7 days. He is a fairly naturally fit guy, so it would not take him too long to reach match fitness.
Expected Return: Leicester away (although an outside bet to make Liverpool)

Joel Campbell
Last game: 11th June
Notes: Campbell had a poor Copa America, playing just 124 minutes of football as Costa Rica crashed out in the group stages.
Expected Return: Liverpool (if he is still with the club)

Petr Cech
Last game: 21st June
Notes: Not currently in training. But with David Ospina (see below) also out, Cech will return first
Expected Return: Liverpool

Olivier Giroud / Laurent Koscileny
Last game: 10th July
Notes: With France making the final, they are both unlikely to return to training until August the 8th. They might have an outside chance of making the Watford game. But then we have an international break. Southampton after is more realistic
Expected Return: Southampton (10th September)

David Ospina
Last game: 25th June
Notes: Columbia made the semi final at Copa America, Ospina an ever present. Not yet returned to training but likely to by next week. Will be on the bench.
Expected Return: Liverpool

Mesut Ozil
Last game: 7th July
Notes: Named Germany’s player of the tournament, expect him to be given an extended break and return after the international break
Expected Return: Southampton

Aaron Ramsey
Last game: 6th July
Notes: It will have to be taken into account that this is his first major summer tournament. Another who will get an extended break. Might make the bench for Watford.
Expected Return: Southampton

Alexis Sanchez
Last game: 26th June
Notes: He struggled in the 1st half of last season as it felt like we (or he) rushed back to fitness. Needs a proper break otherwise he will break down
Expected Return: Leicester

Wojciech Szczesny
Last game: Who cares?
Notes: Likely to be not with the club on the 1st day of the season. So who cares?
Expected Return: Who cares?

Jack Wilshere
Last game: 27th June
Notes: Was only a bit part player for England. Taking into account he has been out for the year, I expected him to report for training last week. But he is still not back. Does he need a holiday? Will probably return to training on Monday. Bench for Liverpool.
Expected Return: Liverpool (bench); Leicester (start)

Granit Xhaka
Last game: 25th June
Notes: Currently on holiday in Kosovo, but pictured himself training with local club FC Prishtina.
Expected Return: Liverpool (bench); Leicester (start)

 So how could Arsenal line up against Liverpool?




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