Lucas Perez, Aaron Ramsey, Chris Coleman & Watford Away


Lucas Perez

So we all know how it works by now:


So a player gets his move away from the club, or his new contract, and Arsenal simply get used, abused and spat out. At no point were Arsenal actually interested, but the furore caused leads fans to get excited, than disappointed, then attack the club.

I doubt if Arsenal are interested in Lucas Perez (and fully expect this article to be RT’d thousands of times when we do sign him). We have been linked to so many players this summer.  Moist is either press speculation, or, like with Riyad Mahrez, an agent using the Arsenal name to gain publicity to get a better deal.

Let’s stop believing everything we read.

Aaron Ramsey

Arsene Wenger was right when, after Liverpool, he said he just can not win (0 wins from 2 games shows that).

He did not player Laurent Koscielny, Mesut Ozil or Olivier Giroud, and was bashed left, right and centre over it. But had they played, and got injured, everyone would have moaned that they were rushed back, not given the correct time off.

Fast forward 10 days, and Aaron Ramsey is out injured for a month after playing in the opening game of the season against Liverpool.

Chris Coleman has gone on to say: “I think we all expected him to [miss the start of the season].

“So I don’t know what happened between then and when he ended up on the pitch.

“Obviously only Arsenal can answer that. I think, to a man, it was a bit of a surprise he started.”

And there we have the catch 22 Arsene Wenger was talking about. He plays a player, that player gets injured, people moan that he should not have played him. He does not play a player, giving him a bit more rest, people then moan he should have played him.

Due to suspension, Aaron Ramsey’s last game for Wales was 1st July. A week before Laurent Koscileny and Olivier Giroud. In fact, the Frenchmen played 3 more games after Aaron Ramsey’s last game.

Koscielny returned to the Arsenal starting 11 for Leicester. A week after the first game. So Coleman’s talk about Ramsey being treated differently is completely rubbish.

I also laugh at Chris Coleman’s dig at Arsene Wenger “A lot has been said about their injury list, they’re doing the same things now as they’ve always done – they’re not going to change now.”

So he is moaning that we treated Ramsey different to Koscielny, than saying we are doing the same as we have always done? How can both of these be correct?

Chris Coleman is an average manager who got lucky by coming into a Wales team with someone like Gareth Bale in it.

Coleman managed 117 games for Coventry, he had a win percentage of 29.1%. I think he has been listening to former Dutch physio and career critique Raymond “unemployed” Verheijen too much.

Watford Away

So we have a distraction of the transfer window coming up in the shape of Watford away. At least those of us who go have something else to think about / look forward too. A decent trip that is local but still feels like an away game.

At times like this I feel sorry for those who live their footballing lives from behind a keyboard, or on a smart phone. It must be hard sitting their day in day out, not having a game to look forward to, not having the release of 90 minutes.

Enjoy your bitching and moaning online before, during and after the game. I will be in the pub, in the ground, then in the pub again, enjoying the company of my pals.

Up the Arsenal.




4 thoughts on “Lucas Perez, Aaron Ramsey, Chris Coleman & Watford Away

  1. Micky goner

    Well said my friend wish everyone can understand the transfer market and not believe all the gabbage doing the rounds everyday and basically surport the manager and the clubs they profess to love Coyg.


  2. franc ole

    Thanks boss but for how long can you continue loving Arsenal Football club? This is my opinion! Are you sure there were no better and quality players than Chambers and Sanogo when Wenger bought them, and your are still convinced that Arsenal can still rely on Walcot and Giraud to win the EPL. Are you still sure that what Patrick said about Arsenal players is false? Just look at how they were being away from the ball by Leicester players, like small boys (children for that matter). My dear you can not continue using the same book and tactics to prepare for an exam (EPL championship) that you have been failing the last ten years. This is the same case with Wenger, just how can Arsenal win the EPL by using and keeping the same Jacks, Sanogo, Diaby, Walcot, the same rubbish. Which club can buy Jack with his track record of injuries come this season out this season. You can not win a league by relying on potential players. Unless someone is very dull like Wenger, are you still doubting that Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea can’t win the league this season. Unless otherwise Arsenal Fc is no longer a candidate for the League that my opinion. Thanks my dear.


    1. keenosafc Post author

      How long can I continue to love Arsenal Football Club? I will never stop loving them. If you think you will stop loving them, then please, stop supporting them, as your support of Arsenal is not based on love but on success.


  3. ddayspring

    Spot on….

    The media throws up various articles on Arsenal targets (about 105 this summer alone according to Untold)…. can you imagine 105 players coming to Arsenal. The same media well up negativity around the club, and the manager with his transfer team gets the blame once these 105 targets do not materialize.

    Some TV pundits blamed Wenger for leaving out most of our Euro 2016 legion after the Liverpool loss…. He gets the blame again having played one of them. This just gets interesting.

    The football has started; we’ll at least have reality compared to the lies paraded as transfer news.

    Looking forward to Watford game and probably signings as promised by the coach (but not the outrageous fees being quoted).




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