Narratives, Next Arsenal Manager & Basel



The press and fans alike will always change the narrative to suit their agenda. We have seen this numerous occasions already this season.

This time last week, we had everyone crowing about Liverpool. That they were title challengers. The bookies made them 2nd favourites. Meanwhile Arsenal were in disarray. Manchester United in crisis.

Yet Arsenal were above Liverpool on goal difference, Man U just 1 point behind. Even Chelsea at the time were level on points with the Scousers.

And then this week, we saw more narratives re-writing to suit an agenda.

Not just the media this time, but Arsenal fans. Arsenal fans who last week were telling us all how great Jurgen Klopp was for leading a Liverpool to a 2-1 away victory over Chelsea.

This week, Arsene Wenger manages Arsenal to a 3-0 win at home, and people claim it is because Antonio Conte got it wrong rather than Arsene getting it right.

Let’s be fair people. Criticise when it is deserved, praise when it is due.


Next Arsenal Manager

Whilst we can all agree that Arsene Wenger’s time at Arsenal is coming to an end, we are The Arsenal, we should be getting in the best to replace a legendary manager. Not some of the tripe that some people come up with.

I certainly feel that some people want anyone but Wenger.

Let’s demand the best.


So Arsenal v Basel is still not sold out. The Champions League is slowly dying. I will not miss it. Horrid competition designed just to make the rich, richer.




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