Some Burnley thoughts


Win when playing poorly is the sign of Champions

That is what would have been written if it was Man City, Man U, Spurs, Liverpool or Chelsea. But this is Arsenal. And the media always have an agenda to grind. Instead of a gritty win against a northern outfit who parked the bus, showing our title credentials, the media claimed we were “lucky”, “undeserving” and that we “escaped”.

Let’s call it how it was. The goal did have some elements of luck to it, but isn’t that how you win these type of games? A scrappy goal. In the last second. We never gave up and got our just rewards.

1 nil to the Arsenal without playing well.


Remember, Burnley beat Liverpool (who we are above in the league) with the same tactics. They are set up hard to beat. A Sam Allardyce Black or Bolton from yesteryear. They are not pretty, some might say it is clever, but it is dull. Very, very dull.

5 years ago we would have lost yesterday. And the press would have been loving it. Arsenal losing to a small Lancashire club. They would have had a field day. We would have shown once more that we have no title credentials and the same old failings.

Instead, we win, and the press show that they can not change their agenda. So they change the narrative. What perhaps sums up the differing narratives is this tweet about Man U going 1-0 up against a side who were second bottom with 2 points from 6 games…

What Mourinho was what he always does. Bring in £80m worth of talent in the hope an individual makes a difference. They did. But ultimately they drew 1-1. But well done Mourinho.

After a game, Twitter can become a minefield. Fans from both sides grinding an agenda. all shouting for their bit of space. Craving their attention. It is embarrassing. Trying to impress 14 year old boys for RT’s. But where Twitter is brilliant is when fans just tweet from the heart. Taking the piss out of the losers whilst celebrating the winners.

We knew we ground out the win, got a fairly fluky goal in the 92nd minute, but that doesn’t stop us boasting, taking the piss out of Burnley, out of the media. These are two of my favourites:

Just a bit of a wandering mind now with some other thoughts:

Spurs v Man City – If you are an Arsenal fan who were happy Spurs won at the weekend as it “got us closer to City”, then you are not an Arsenal fan.

Cows – Fair play to all those fans who still managed to get to the game despite there being cows on the line. Last time we played Burnley, the mini bus broke down outside Coventry and we ended up watching the game in a pub in Coventry whilst it got fixed. Fair play to all who got there. And RIP to the cows.

Wenger’s 20 – No matter if you are a loyal servant, or you now despise the man, we should all be grateful for what he has bought to the club

Embarrassing fans – Why can’t we just all enjoy a win?

Title challengers – So 7 games gone. A couple of points off top. Some inconsistent performances. We are in the title race.

Shkodran Mustafi – We have a player on our hand. Just 24. He could be at Arsenal for a decade.

Madrid – I’ve just spent the weekend in Madrid. Great weather, cheap beer, cracking birds, and a good time!


As we go into the international break, Arsenal are sit pretty in 3rd. We are in the title race. With 3 favourable game’s coming up after the break, we could, no we should, push on. Have a good Monday (I have it off to sober up).




2 thoughts on “Some Burnley thoughts

  1. Abel Ozioko

    A goal is a goal, whether at the first minute or the last minute. What matters is the 3 points gained. The boys did not play well but at least had the spirit to push hard till the last minute when their effort was rewarded. Up gunners.

  2. Phil

    I’ve never agreed that winning when playing poorly is a sign of Champions – it almost makes it sound like it’s what you should be aiming for.

    I think the point is not that it’s a sign of champions, but that if you want to be champions you will need to grind out a win/get lucky a few times along the road as you won’t play well in every single game.

    And that’s what we did yesterday – we didn’t grind out a win, but in the absence of playing well we stopped them scoring and got a fortuitous goal at the death. That is the kind of win that you look back on later in the season. Even last season, with rivals dropping points, I’m not sure we would have picked up the win in such a game, which is of course a positive sign.


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