League Cup Draw, Arsenal in for Left Back?, Pep Guardiola & West Ham Fighting


League Cup Draw

So we got Southampton at home. A bit of a tame draw. Bit of a dull draw. But still a game we should win. And it is another chance for cheap tickets. For dads to take their sons.

I would expect us to play a few more 1st team players. Maybe have the likes of Alexis Sanchez on the bench ready to come on if needed. With the teams that are left in the competition, the League Cup is a trophy we could win this season.

A trip to Wembley in February? Yes please.


Arsenal in for Left Back?

Arsenal have reportedly been keeping tabs on Hull City left back Josh Tymon. I have no idea who he is. But after a summer of reportedly chasing a new left sided defender, it does not surprise me that he could potentially be joining in January.

In recent months, we have been linked with Swiss international Ricardo Rodríguez and Leicester City youngster Ben Chilwell.

With the form and age of both Nacho Monreal & Kieran Gibbs, I thought over the summer we might move one on, and sign a teenage left back to slowly blood him in over the next couple of years, like what happened with Hector Bellerin.

A move did not materialise for Chilwell (or the more senior Rodriguez), but it would not surprise me if we snapped up Tymon in January and left him at Hull City for the remainder of the season to get game time.

5 Things We Learned

Post Reading, many a blog was written (at the last count Arsenal had 3574364 blogs, and nearly as many podcasts). One of the best was Arsenal Vs Reading: 5 Things We Learned by PainInTheArsenal. A top read and good summary of the game and what we can take out of it.

Whilst I am at it, have a read of my thoughts on Tuesday’s win – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Arsenal’s win over Reading.

Pep Guardiola

Whilst Arsenal went 12 games without defeat after their League Cup victory over Reading, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are now 6 games without a win.

This is the first time in Guardiola’s career he is managed in a league where there are more than just a handful of decent teams; and it is perhaps starting to show.

At Barcelona and Bayern Munich, most weekends opponents rolled over and played dead. 5-0 & 6-0 victories were fairly common. Barcelona would only have 4 tough(ish) games a season, against the 2 Madrid sides. At Munich their biggest opponent was the complacency that came in having won the league in March.

Guardiola is struggling with his team, but he is a top manager and I am sure will come through it. What it shows is that the Premier League is the toughest league in the world, with battles every weekend. New foreign managers coming into this league often do not realise that.

West Ham Fighting

I will be honest, when the League Cup draw was happening, the tie I wanted was West Ham v Arsenal. The best game in recent years that I have been to recently – for result & atmosphere – was Spurs away in the League Cup last year. It was a riot. West Ham would be similar.

With all seater stadiums, no alcohol in front of the pitch, no smoking and no swearing, football has become sanitised. The fighting between West Ham and Chelsea, and other sides this season, has been no more than handbags. I am seeing people saying they are scared to take their sons, and it is 2016 not 1986. Well the scenes we are seeing are tame. A minority. Get over yourselves.

The biggest problem is not those throwing a few chairs, but those recording those throwing a few chairs. They do this for RT’s on Twitter, for YouTube hits. They are grasses. The police use this evidence found online to pick out people and prosecute fans. So put the phones away, stop grassing each other up.

I am buzzing for December 3rd. It might not be the old Upton Park Ground (where the atmosphere was often electric and the walk into and out of the stadium tense) but it will be a top day out!


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