Goodbye Sunderland – You will not be missed


Sunderland were awful.

There is no way of trying to big them up to make it look like Arsenal were brilliant in a 4-1 victory. Sunderland were truly awful.

An awful city, an awful football team, and awful journey there and back. There will not be a tear shed when they go down. Hopefully taking the equally awful Swansea City, Hull City or Stoke City down with them. Let’s start cleansing the Premier League of these horrible little clubs who have horrible little train journeys. They won’t be missed.

Arsenal played OK. No better than they have played recently, no worse. But Sunderland were just dreadful.

Why would you play a high line when you have John O’Shea at centre back facing Alexis Sanchez upfront? You are asking for trouble. And to compound it, 5′ 6″ Sanchez opened the scoring with a header.

All Sunderland could do was try and kick us off the pitch. Sanchez took some treatment and it is testament to his mentality that he kept it together. A lesser man (Suarez, Costa) would have got sent off or (Reyes) gone into hiding. Every time Sanchez got knocked down, he got back up again. He will wake up bruised this morning and deserves his ice bath.

How Sunderland kept 10 men on the park was only due to referee Martin Atkinson ineptness. He was as bad as Sunderland. And how he did not give that penalty I will never know. I imagine he will be joining Jon Moss in the lower leagues next weekend.

Luckily for Arsenal, two poor refereeing performances haven’t affected the results.

One thing that yesterday showed was just how much we missed Olivier Giroud.

I said after the bore draw with Boro that had Giroud been on the bench, we would have won. He is the best Plan B in Europe.

When teams are defending deep, he causes havoc in the 6 yard box with his strength. He bullies defenders, draws them towards him, and if not scoring himself, makes space for others.

Against Boro we missed him. They packed the middle and left space out wide, but we were unable to take advantage of it.

Giroud’s first goal was typical of the Frenchman. Space out wide. Cross in. Get in front of the defender. ย Sweep it in with his left foot. 2-1.

He gets his critics, but remember, he was always bought as a Plan B. This was what I wrote in 2012…

When we signed Sanchez, the rumours were he would play up top, like he does for his country. He started there but was soon moved out wide. By luck of design, he has found himself as striker again this season. Yesterday took him to 50 goals in 106 games. A phenomenal record.

His form, alongside the returning Giroud, gives us options up front. We can now change things up. Changes styles. Depending on the opponents, on the in game performance.

And having Aaron Ramsey back is a game changer too. Being able to bring on players of his and Giroud’s class shows our incredible strength in depth. Even with no Walcott, Welbeck, Cazorla, Wilshere & Perez.

Ramsey’s return will give Wenger a head ache. With Coquelin, Elneny, Cazorla & Xhaka all potentially available for Spurs next weekend, 5 into 2 doesn’t go. Wenger needs to not only get the individual personnel right, but also the partnership.

Plenty of arguments on Twitter last night as too who should play. Few agreed.

A final thought, when was the last time every player in our 1st 11 was replaceable by someone else in the squad? Take out Ozil, replace with Cazorla, Walcott for Chamberlain, Monreal for Gibbs. The depth is incredible, and is forcing players to maintain top form.

So Sunderland are the worst team ever in the Premier League. They won’t be missed. Bye-the-lad.

Have a cracking Sunday


39 thoughts on “Goodbye Sunderland – You will not be missed

    1. ColH

      I look forward to the day when you and the rest of the Big Clubs fuck off to form your elite European League, so the true English clubs and fans can take the game back to how it was before pompous arrogant Skyboy twats like you ruined it. And you can visit all those splendid cities in the process without having to traipse to Sunderland / Stoke / Hull and all those other places that boast more pride and passion than the soulless, sterile vacuum that is the Emirates will ever have.


    These are comments off supporters calling for Mr Wengers head every other week I use the term supporters loosely sad sad

  2. Cockneys are East London you Gordie mugs

    Even a so-called London slum is still a 1000 times better than that provincial little crap hole otherwise know as Sunderland, you northern maggots. Yours truthfully, Cockney Cunt ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. J Quinn

    To Keenos
    Stoke are a great team who have had a bad run this season (They are a small club that has slowly built a good side). Speaking of which, ‘Bad run’ is the same thing I would say Arsenal have been on since 2004/5. In ten year you haven’t finished in the top 2 (Except last year which i wouldn’t count cos Man City’s manager was told he would be gone no matter how he did. And Spurs had a bad run after conceding the league, allowing you to claw it on the last day)

    You haven’t got past the final 16 in the ECL for the last five years and the cups you won aren’t worth the same metal anymore, and yet, you probably consider these as achievements of your superiority. (Arsenal have reached the ECL for the last 16 years blah blah blah. That’s not an achievement. Stoke have reached the 3rd round of the FA cup for the same amount of years. Soooo what.

    Stoke getting into Europe is an achievement. Swansea were playing Div 3 football in 2003 (their rise to European football is an achievement,)
    As for Hull and SAFC. Both having board and manager issues pre-season didnt help. But, If they spent over 200 million in five years they would be competing for the league, if not pipping you to it, like Leicester did.

    Your a nothing club with a lot of money and low expectations. The clubs your patronising have two of the same attributes.
    J Quinn

    P.s I’ve been to your ground and it was a crap day out. We were kicked out after 20 minutes for singing too loud.

    P.s.s Sunderland were truly awful, but they would be missed.

  4. Geoff

    I’m an Arsenal fan,but these clubs have as much right as anyone to be in the Prem no matter where situated in the country,plus Emirates is not easy to access with very little parking

  5. Kevin

    Oh dear, if you are going to put together an article about your experience of a football match or City then the least you could do is learn to spell, and they say Northerners are illiterate thicko’s I think you have just proved what a complete cockwomble you really are.

    Yes Sunderland are shockingly bad, and have been for the past 3/4 seasons but then again they don’t claim to be the best thing in the league unlike Arsenal who have, in the eyes of most supporters, always been the bridesmaid and never the bride.

    If you think Sunderland is such a terrible place I assume you have never visited the area around the Emirates or Highbury as that place is so run down it should be boarded up and condemned, as for the Emirates, I have never been is such a lifeless, soulless, stadium, the fans are so quiet are you surprised that your ground has the nickname The Library, I have seen more atmosphere in the local cemetery.

    Maybe you should have stayed in South London which is Arsenals true home…..

  6. Malcolm Graham

    Who the hell do you think you are you arrogant ignorant twerp. A bully writing behind a badly written script. Had some respect for Arsenal until I read this piece of crap. This is why we’ll always have a north south decide you pompous self opinionated toss pot.

  7. Cullen

    And – by the way – Geordies are from Tyneside, Mackems are from Wearside. if you are going to slag someone off because of where they’re from, at least try and get their provenance right (oops – sorry. Long word. What was I thinking?)

    1. MackemWayne

      Good comment… this so called arsoleNALfan slagging safc off silly man needs to go back to school… English and geography not your strong point… mackems are from sunderland geordies are from Newcastle you bell end… arsoleNAL are the lesser clubs in London.. Chelsea and spurs are the top 2 even Watford are a better team to watch than you FICKLE goooners if they lose a couple games that want Wenger sacked.. COME ON YOU SPURS ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‘

  8. Jimmy B

    Sunderland’s a good night out. As for the other clubs you’ve slagged off, they’ve been around for a lot longer than you and going to some of them years back is what English football was all about. You couldn’t hide behind a keyboard back then mind. Oh and incidentally, Cockneys are from central London. The Bow Bells you had to be born within the sound of are those of Mary-le-bow, it’s a church in Cheapside. Looks as though you’ve managed to make a sap of yourself on every count here. Nice one.

  9. Mark Dawson

    Hi Mate. Honest opinion from an honest SAFC supporter.
    You’re summing up of the match and team are spot on. However, I didn’t think we were that physical.
    My one complaint is the “you won’t be missed” dig. If we go down who would you like to see come up? Obviously you don’t like the journey so Newcastle are out.
    We have decent fans and fantastic away support, only failing to sell all our allocation once last season. Perhaps you’d like to see Burton Albion bring 150 to the Emirates.
    As for an awful city, we’ll you’re right, it’s not the most picturesque, so which club do you want, Roma perhaps or maybe Rapid Vienna.
    Have a word with yourself, you pompous twat.

  10. Marty

    You cockeny cock sucker. Your disrespecting an entire area. Bet you live in some scum filled shit hole tower block in London with more crime than any city in the country.

  11. Terry

    Arrogant prick. ‘Little’ club who have got 45000 through the door every week for 20 years despite being shite for 15 of them… Why not cleanse the whole league so you don’t have to leave London, and relocate the Manchester clubs there. Horrid modern fans…

  12. Gk

    Typical skyboy nonsense. Equating the size of a club to recent success.

    I much much prefer football before sky for a multitude of reasons. Not least, helmets like you were nowhere to be seen in a football ground.

  13. Keith McLaren

    Sunderland’s no shithole – have a look at our stunning beaches, they piss all over those of North London. Then again, you probably come from Watford or Kent, like most Arse supporters.

  14. Phoenix

    When you read articles and comments like these, it actually makes you think that the championship would not be so bad. The Premier League is full of self-righteous, fuckwit, sky boy, fifa playing fans, many that seem stuck in a bubble and fail to appreciate that there is football outside of the top division.

    They are soulless, they have no football culture, no real identity and they would stop supporting their team (Arsenal) at the drop of a hat if they ever fell on truely bad times. There were over 44k fans at the Stadium of Light yesterday, even though Sunderland have failed to win a game all season, having accumulated as little as 2 points from a possible 30. Thatโ€™s support for you, thatโ€™s loyalty.

    Travelling to Sunderland to watch a team that is worth in excess of ยฃ250m is easy. Try watching a team that is no expected to win a game on a weekly basis and then you might garner more respect. Although respect is unlikely to factor into your vocabularly. Youโ€™re ignorent and an embarrassment to Arsenal and the clubโ€™s fans.

  15. Duncan Lockey

    Wow! Have always quite liked Arsenal and enjoyed watching them play. Remember when Thierry Henry was applauded off at the SOL and the way he responded. Our club is in an appalling mess at the moment and we have a truly awful manager and an owner who doesn’t have a clue, but I had no idea Arsenal fans disliked the club so much. I reckon Thierry, Steve Boyle, Danny Welbeck and the Lord Bendtner himself would be very surprised by this article. We are doomed this year, but could never stop supporting SAFC. Haway the lads.

  16. David Crumbie

    What a sad article! Such bitterness! Always liked the Gunners proper football club! You have no idea what it must be like to follow a club thats been shite for years! I suspect you would sneak off and follow Chelsea or a Manchester giant? Not goin slag off the Arse cos I think must Gooners are decent proper fans…you however are a bell!!

  17. Fuck you

    #brexit, fuck off London. Small club? 6th highest number of titles and still getting 40k, you cunts bitch that you don’t win the league and get swathes of empty seats as a result, prick

  18. Stu

    If it’s such an awful city and crap team, you didn’t have to come did you. Always thought we got on well with the gooners until I read this piece of shit.
    Best that you flush your head down the toilet.

  19. geekay

    The one thing that you can’t accuse Sunderland of is poor support, for the crap these poor souls have been fed for years now their support is amazing, it’s up there with the best and their away support is the best, very loud and well behaved great fans. I was at the Stadium of Light with Everton last season and I tell you I’ve never heard noise like it, give them something to shout about and that famous Roker Roar will return. Good luck Sunderland I for one would miss you one of England’s great old clubs.

  20. bLaZe (@KodiMeUK)

    This is fucking brilliant, as an NUFC fan I feel the pain of teams that are a lost cause, the best thing for Sunderland is actually relegation; consolidate the squad, start again, they are a “big” club but are now so far out of their depth in the Premiership it’s actually funny, I have no idea why any fan would want to continue watching that shit every week – unless they’re knuckle dragging in-bred of course…SMB


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