Arsenal’s Mensis Horribilis


Welcome to Arsenal’s Mensis Horribilis.

Under Arsene Wenger, no month has yielded a lower points per game ratio than November. Many a season we have been cut adrift in the title race in the 1st month of winter.

And it is not even close between November and our next worst month, August…


The story of many a season under the Frenchman. A poor start, regain ground in the Autumn, throw it away in November, lose further ground over the winter, put a run together in spring, before ultimately missing out in May.

There is nothing to explain our poor form in November. Going through the games we played, it is often no harder than other months. The only explanation can be a few injuries piling up. November is just a shocker for Arsenal fans.

This season, November will once more make or break our title race. With games against Man U and Spurs, Arsene Wenger himself admits that the month will show us where Arsenal are;

“We now have difficult games coming up, with a difficult November, so by the end of November we will know more about ourselves,” Wenger said.

“The desire is there and the mentality is great, though. There is great togetherness, we have quality as well, so they are good ingredients.

“But we have to show that we can do it week in and week out.”

Alongside Spurs and Man U, we also host Bournemouth and a League Cup tie against Southampton. Making up the fixtures list is an away game against PSG.

An unbeaten November could see Arsenal top of the league, topping their Champions League group, and into the Semi Final of the League Cup. A disaster could see us needing finishing 2nd again in the Champions League, out of the title race and out of the League Cup.

Let’s get some positivity in the month and start it with victory over that lot up the road.


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