Blame Wenger, not Aaron


Aaron Ramsey is not a winger. He is not a right winger. He is certainly not a left winger. He is a bloody good central midfielder.

Over the summer, he was one of the stand out players at Euro 2016. His performances for Wales were exceptional. He showed his class. He looked to be back to his sparkling form of 2013/14.

And then he returns to Arsenal, having had a false start at the beginning of the season after being rushed back by the club, and his form dramatically drops and the boo boys get on his back.

But it his poor start to the season is not his fault.

At the weekend, he was playing left wing. He is not a left winger. He is a central midfielder. Performing best when playing off the striker, but he is also a top box to box. High energy. Can defend and attack. He should be playing between the defensive midfielder and Mesut Ozil.

This season, he has played 10 times for Arsenal:


10 game splayed, 6 different positions. How can we expect anyone to perform, if they are being continually played out of position.

Ramsey is becoming a utility man at Arsenal. But he is better than that. He should be one of the top central midfielders in the league.

So when it comes to him underperforming, don’t blame Aaron, blame Wenger.



4 thoughts on “Blame Wenger, not Aaron

  1. Afeezco

    Mr Wenger Is Killing His Career And Also Killing The Team Spirit,When You Kept Someone Who Can Perform Best On Left Wing On The Bench And Expect A Central Mildfilder And Not Even A Left Shooter To Perform Better.I Think Is Totaly Wrong And Out Of Sense.



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