The demise of Carl Jenkinson


I am beginning to write this blog at half time. Arsenal are 2-0 and heading out of the League Cup. It has not been a pretty game to watch, and Arsenal have still not yet had a shot on target.

It is the performance of one player in particular that has been most worrying. That of Carl Jenkinson.

Jenkinson has been living the dream. A proper Arsenal fan from a proper Arsenal family signing for Arsenal and playing. He is doing it for every single one of us in the stands.

His career at Arsenal since joining the club in 2011 has had its ups and downs. And you just feel this down he will never recover from. We might have just seen him play his last game for Arsenal.

Signed in 2011 from Charlton having played just a handful of games for the side from Woolwich, he went from loan spells at Welling and Eastleigh to Champions League football.

19 at the time, he was a physical spicmen who needed to be moulded. At times he looked a deer in the headlights. He seemed to take one step forward, one step back.

Early indications were that he was unlikely going to be good enough to ever play week in week out for Arsenal, but he had enough ability to be part of the squad, a second choice right back, for his entire career, if he decided to go that way.

Sacrifice a top flight career to sit on the bench, but on the bench of the club he loves. Man U built success on having the likes of Wes Brown, John O’Shea and Nicky Butt. Jenkinson was in their category.

In 2012 he made his England debut. A year later scoring his first, and only goal, for Arsenal, celebrating it like a made man, like any fan would.

In 2014/15, with the big money signing of Calum Chambers, Jenkinson was loaned out to West Ham. He was fantastic. And reports of were that Arsenal rejected a  £10m bid from the Hammers.

Last season he was once more on loan at West Ham, where he suffered knee injury in January that saw him ruled out for pretty much the year. He returned to Arsenal to complete his rehab.

In October, I was in Madrid on a stag do. A few of the lads there were West Ham season ticket holders. They laid it on a plate for me.

According to them, Jenkinson was awesome in his 1st season on loan, awful during his second season. To a point that when he got injured, they were not too worried. Even a little happy. He had become a bit of a liability.

They said he would never be good enough for Arsenal.

I, like many, kept the faith. He was after all an Arsenal fan. He deserved a chance. A second chance. A third chance. He might never be good enough as a long term option at right back, but he would be good back up for Hector Bellerin.

Jenkinson got himself fit. Got himself in a position to play. And he has been given the chance. A mixture of playing League Cup games and then Hector Bellerin getting injured. And he has been awful.

It is still 2-0. This will be posted in the morning. no matter the result. And it saddens me to say, Carl Jenkinson, your time is up.


6 thoughts on “The demise of Carl Jenkinson

    1. frOOm

      Ok with you, let him the time to be in good shape and above all get some confidence back!
      It could be difficult to find a good second choice RB who would accept this role…

  1. Jack

    Lovely bloke just not got the streetwiseness that’s needed in the top flight , sadly
    It’s a jungle out there Carl! Keep believing and you will play for Watford full time , don’t u worry!


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