Proof that the Champions League draw is flawed?

So Arsenal get Bayern Munich in the Champions League knock out stages again. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

At least it has saved me £500 on tickets, flights, hotels and booze. But whilst watching the draw, I noticed a massive flaw which could lead it to be fix and / or flawed.

The runners-up are drawn first from a single bowl. Once the runners-up are drawn, some UEFA suit picks out balls from the bowls of the teams they can face. These balls are then put into a bowl that is infront of Ruud Gullit, who is drawing the winners.

A courtesy mixing of the balls round the bowl, and Gullit then draws the side.

So Gullit can see which balls are taken from which bowl, sees these balls go into a bowl infront of him, and then watches as they are ‘mixed’ up, remaining in the order they were in the bowl.

Anyone who has ever been to Spain and play the “find the ball” game with a lookielooklie man will know how it works.

As the ball go’s under the cup, you keep an eye on that cup. And as long as your eye speed is quick enough, you can almost always find out. Of course, they are usually a scam, with a quick slight of hand trick removing the ball. Or whilst you are watching what is going on, pick pockets work the outside stealing wallets and phones whilst you concentrate on the cups.

We all know the game.

So back to the Champions League draw.

The balls go in the bowl infront of Gullit. He knows which ball is which, keeping an eye on the one he wants as they spin around the bowl, and can then pick out the ball he chooses. Made even easier in a situation like Arsenal’s where there were only 4 balls in the draw.

The UEFA Champions League draw is badly flawed and it is no surprise we got Bayern Munich once more.



3 thoughts on “Proof that the Champions League draw is flawed?

  1. Spectrum

    What garbage. Why would there be a conspiracy to stop us in the first place ? You’re all paranoid.

    Arsenal were never going to win the Champions League anyway. Wenger’s teams always go out at this stage of the competition. We have done now for – what is it – the last six years ! Deluded Gunners fans are as bad as the A.K.B.’s – blaming everything but the incompetent way our team is being managed.

    Next we will collapse in the league, it’s just a matter of when. So predictable every season. Am I being pessimistic ? No, REALISTIC – based on our own historical failures.

    ” In Arsene we rust. “

    1. Spectrum

      Hmmm. No responses to my post yet…. seems there must be a lot of you out there that either secretly or openly agree with me then. Even the die hard A.K.B. Wenger lovers don’t have any real faith in him it appears. And on past evidence that would be good news. It indicates that at long last they may – just MAY – be starting to wake up to this fraud of a manager.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

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