Are Arsenal really that bad?

So crisis club Arsenal are in the midst of another crisis after their defeat to Everton which left us in a crisis 6 points behind league leaders Chelsea.

The broken badges have reappeared in the papers, the moaner’s have spent 48 hours online slinging mud, the future of Arsene Wenger is once again under question. Arsenal are in shocking form. Out of the title race in December for the 12th year in a row. We could be 9 points behind Chelsea come Sunday. If only we had have gone for Per Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp when we had the chance. Then you see the following:


Awful Arsenal are level on points with brilliant Liverpool, only behind them on goals scored. And a point above Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. Everyone is going on about how Arsenal could be 9 points behind Chelsea. Well Man City could be 10 points behind them if results don’t go their way this weekend (IE Arsenal win).

So Arsenal are getting all the criticism after 1 defeat in 15 league games, whilst the Liverpool Love In is still very much still going on. Would Arsenal be in any better a situation in the league if they had Klopp or Guardiola? Probably not.

But it is the poor form of Arsenal that concerns most. We are on an awful run,


Yet over the last 10 games, Arsenal and Liverpool’s form is exactly the same. Man City’s form is significantly worse than Arsenal’s – 6 points less.

Even if you narrow it down to the last 5 games, Arsenal are 2 points better off than Liverpool, and 1 point better off than Man City. Narrow it further to last 3 games, Arsenal have 6 points from 9, Liverpool 4 from 9, Man City 3 from 9.

In fact, looking at form over the last 5 games, only Chelsea have got more points than Arsenal. Liverpool sit 8th in the form table. So are Arsenal really that bad? Are Liverpool really that great?

Looking forward rather than backwards, Arsenal have drifted to 6 points behind Chelsea, and yes, it could be 9 points behind Chelsea after the weekend. But this is more to do with Chelsea’s brilliant form rather than Arsenal’s poor form.

Since losing to Arsenal 3-0 back in September, Chelsea have played 10, won 10, scored 24, conceding just 2 goals – 8 clean sheets. It is an incredible run of form which has taken Antonio Conte from favourite to be next manager sacked, to Chelsea favourites to win the league.

Chelsea’s blue machine looks in incredible form at the moment, and with a run of fairly easy fixtures coming up, I can see them easily increasing their win streak to 13 in a row. When a team is in the sort of form they are in, you only hope that Arsenal can keep hold of their coat tails and when (or if) they lose a bit of form, we are close enough to take advantage.

It has been an odd season, the press have already crowned Liverpool and Man City champions. It will be Chelsea’s turn next.

One reason Arsenal are in a supposed crisis (even though they are clearly not) is due to our fans. A bunch of fans who’s threw their toys out of the pram the second the final whistle went against Everton. And 48 hours later they were still moaning. They are the loud minority. The silent majority just got on with their lives. I saw one fan tweet 1,000 times on Wednesday. All an anti-Arsenal, anti-Wenger, anti- Ozil narrative.

In some fans eyes, Mesut Ozil can do no right. He can score a hat trick, and people will moan when it was against a bunch of chicken farmers, and not against Manchester United. They love to shout and cry every time he has a poor game. We an in an era where a player seems to be only as good as his last appearance. You wonder how someone like Dennis Bergkamp would get on in the current era. He often went missing for Arsenal in games.

Then we have Alex Iwobi. The racist abuse he has received by some so called “fans” is disgusting. It has been condemned by many fans. The abuse has come from children who are clearly to young to own mobile phones, and who’s parents really should monitor their internet activity, or from foreign fans who often sit on YouTube throwing disgusting comments. Twitter really does make people feel that they can say anything without any reprisals. That sitting in front of a screen abusing someone racially is OK as you are anonymous. If someone chucking about racist comments to players or fellow fans was ever caught as a game, they would be harmed. Seriously harmed.

People need to remember who they are, what they are and who they represent.

I fully understand people being upset when Arsenal lose. I am. My mates are. Most people are. But being upset is not an excuse to throw around abuse. To Ozil, to Iwobi. Some have even abused Aaron Ramsey on an Instagram picture he posted of his young son. I have recently read an admin of an Arsenal Facebook group which has nearly 25,000 likes post the following up:

I want a scandal and his name in ruins, want his reputation in shreds and him knocked off his pedestal, as this is what will hurt the AKBs, to see their messiah humiliated, this would give us WOBs a sense of vindication (we are right anyway) and forever haunt the AKB clowns. I have never called him a nonce (as some have) but any sort of scandal would do me, the seedier the better.

You are so upset after a victory that your response is to go online and say you want Arsene Wenger, a 67 year old man, to be involved in a scandal. And let’s be honest, ‘the seedier the better’ we all know what type of scandal you want him to be involved in. All because we lost a single game. How rotten must your life be? You are probably someone who sits online all day, every day, abusing everything to do with Arsenal, because you love Arsenal.

The behaviour of our fans after a defeat makes it seem like we are in a much worse position than we are. And the media just eat this up. Knowing that disgruntled Arsenal fans are going to click and repost any article that supports their narrative.

With a platform’s such as Twitter and Facebook, many fans spend a lot of hours reading and absorbing information. If that information is bile, it is negative, you can end up getting drawn in. Drawn into the belief that Arsenal are in awful form. Ignoring the facts, ignoring the league table. You end up sitting their pining for Guardiola, dreaming of Klopp, when the reality the clubs they are running are in no better situation than Arsenal,

You look at Ronald Koeman, who has once more got the better of Arsene Wenger, and praise him highly. A brilliant manager. But you ignore the fact that he has won 1 in 10. You forget Manchester United have won just 3 league games since August. You end up in a spiral of negativity, which is hard to come out of.

The best way to get out of the spiral is to put the phone down, come off social media, take a break. Go outside. Get some fresh air. Get some reality in your life. Then when you return, you notice the league table. Arsenal are 3rd, level on points with 2nd place Liverpool. A bit of a distance from inform  Chelsea.

Things are Arsenal are not that bad. They have never been that bad. Just the narrative written makes it appear things are bad.

12 years without a league title might be bad, but how about 25 years (Liverpool), 19 years (Everton), 35 years (Aston Villa) or 55 years (Spurs).

Want to know what bad is? Aston Villa. A massive club. 7 league titles, 7 FA Cups. 5 League Cups. And of course, 1 European Cup. They are currently 13th in the Championship.

Or Everton. When Arsene Wenger took over, Arsenal had just 1 more league title than the Toffee’s and 1 more FA Cup. Roll forward 20 years and Everton have not won a trophy since 1995, and Arsenal are now 4 league titles and 7 FA Cups ahead. Everton fans still dream of a new stadium that will make them competitive again, Arsenal have had theirs for 10 years.

So you think Arsenal are bad, look at others around you.

It reminds me a bit of the meme ‘1st world problem’. Whilst we are moaning about Amazon not delivering a PS4, or Debenhams not delivering the right chairs, children around the world are dying due to lack of water. It is all about perspective.

And the reality is, Arsenal are not that bad. We are not in bad form. We are not that bad in the league. And over the last 10 years, whilst just 2 FA Cups might seem bad, the reality is it is not.

So get out from behind your screens, watching on your illegal streams, defining your life by a social media persona, get some fresh air, and start backing the team.

Life is too short to be a bitter middle aged man moaning all day about football.



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