Arsenal: Embarrassing Banners

In the latest episode of Arsenal fans Embarrass Themselves we have Embarrassing Banners.

Over the years, I have been a supporter of RedAction. They have worked, at times tirelessly, to try to improve the atmosphere and ‘match day experience’ at Arsenal. Volunteering their time, they have done a lot of good work alongside the club.

Often hamstrung by the actual fans, many of whom are more than happy to sit on their hands watching the game in silence, RedAction were behind the Block 6 singing (and standing) section when we moved to the new ground, and have been key in organising and implementing fan displays for some of our big Champions League nights – which often end up as the most atmospheric.

But they do not always get it right.


Their Love Arsenal. Hate Usmanov banner, reportedly paid for by certain board members, is something that I am sure they now regret, and clearly try to forget. A bit of currying favour in the hope they would get closer to the board, get some better quality biscuits. They ended up being used by the board, becoming their mouthpiece for the day.

The Alexis Sanchez banners are cringeworthy. I see many fans praising the banners. Saying they are banter. Well they are not. Firstly you are a bit of a knob if you are a middle aged man using terms such as banter. Secondly they just continue the recent trend of Arsenal fans embarrassing themselves and each other everywhere they go.

We all know about Arsenal Fan TV. A brilliant concept now ruined by “One or 2 absolute balloons who give them a bad name” (Adrian Durham – 2016).

The problem is that these fans do not just give themselves and Arsenal Fan TV a bad name, they embarrass every single Arsenal fan out their.

Every time a video of theirs go’s viral, an old man arguing and swearing at a midget dressed in head to toe in merchandise and drinking from a drinks bottle, a bloke dressed as the purple teletubbie pretending he is Jamaican, or whatever the latest character is that wants attention, it leads to abuse.

I have lost count the amount of times I have sat in work listening to fans of Spurs, West Ham, Chelsea, etc watching the videos, mocking Arsenal, mocking me. I continually have to defend myself and the club against these embarrassing clowns.

We then have call in shows on the Radio. Every week an Arsenal fan seems to embarrass themselves on TalkSport. From crying live on air, to calling Arsene Wenger “the worst Arsenal manager ever” to being laughed off air by Adrian Durham whilst claiming “don’t you know who I am”.

We then have the likes of Piers Morgan, every day he does something to embarrass the club. He really should stick to cricket and licking out Kevin Piertesen.

Finally we have protests. Whilst some of these do have a bit of merit, they often end up poorly attended, and make us look like a bunch of spoilt prawn sandwich eating prats. The reality is, this is probably true for a lot of our fan base.

And now we have these banners.

In the past I have been able to fend off the embarrassment, pointing out it is individual fans who crave attention. That are loners, living in bed sits, or their mums basement, and have realised that online they can get the attention and feeling that they are important that they do not get in real life. Having loads of followers, hundreds of people RTing every Tweet, or 1,000,000 views on YouTube kind of makes up for being a bit of a loser in real life for these people.

But RedAction are not an individual fan with an individual view. They are an Arsenal supporters group. They are supposed to speak on behalf of the majority of fans. And here they are, producing (and seeking funding for) an embarrassing banner about Alexis Sanchez and his dogs to go up permanently in the stadium.

Any banner about Sanchez at this time is a joke. He is currently in contract dispute with Arsenal, with 18 months left and potentially looking for a way out.

The Arsenal are bigger than Alexis Sanchez. If he wants to go, tell him to pack his bags and F Off. We have lost better players. We have lost bigger players. We should not be begging him to stay. It is embarrassing.

Then we have the actual banner itself. I do not know where to start with it. Shocking. Just simply shocking.

RedAction usually pride themselves with going out to the fanbase to get the wider fans views on matters. They have done this with proposals such as a drum at the ground, they were widely told no, we do not want some idiot banging a drum for 90 minutes. That is a Spurs thing.

I wonder who they asked about this banner? Maybe it was a bunch of teenagers? Or Carl Jenkinson and the Banter Brigade? Or maybe they just decided to do it themselves, off their own back.

It is embarrassing to every single Arsenal fan. I am already predicting the torrents of abuse I will get once the media picks up on the story. Someone like Adrian Durham is going to have a field day.

I am sorry RedAction, you have got this one wrong.

Why do Arsenal fans keep embarrassing eachother?



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