Arsene Wenger given new 5 year deal and £200m+ war chest

At last Wenger is going to put pen to paper and sign a new deal, whats shocking about this is it’s to take him upto 2022. Finally with promises from the board of a huge £200 million investment plus any sell on value from the sales of Ozil, Sanchez and Sanogo, Wenger has agreed to carry on the fight to go forwards with us Gunners and fight to win the Prem and CL.

It’s been common knowedge for now that paying off the new ground has been the only reason why us Gunners haven’t challenged for the big 2 honours for the last 10years. But now the ground has been paid off the board are finally able to give Wenger the money he needs to play with the big boys and compete with the oil and duty free cash thats aided Manchester city, Chelsea and Leicester to win the league.

Stan Kroenke is said to be delighted that Wenger has finally decided to not retire and carry on running Arsenal Soccer Club PLC and only ask for £10million per year to do so. Mr Kroenke feels that’s more than value for money for a man now in his 70s who spends less than a vegan at an all you can eat hog roast.

The club is of the view that consistency is the most important factor when it comes to winning the league. And the consistency of Arsene Wenger’s management alongside the teams spirit and quality will see Arsenal through to the league title

With the concern of the other super rich clubs, the likes of Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, leicester and upcoming Everton and Tottenham likely to try and outbid us on new talent, the club and Wenger are promising to go all out and bid £1 more than any other rival on any player on the wanted list, The Arsenal will not be looking back in 3 years time on the players we nearly signed anymore, the time for change is now.

Ivan Gasizdis the clubs CEO was sadly unavaible for comment but will to be delighted with Wengers new deal and can’t wait to sit back and count the added commerical revenue that it will bring forth.

The official club supporters group RednoAction are said to be delighted with the news and are busy planning a banner of Wengers pet cat ‘Jabba’ for the Red Wall which they say will only increase the amazing noise they generate.

I’m sure all Gunners out there will be as happy as me with this news and cant wait for the next 5 years of winning the top 4 trophy…


10 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger given new 5 year deal and £200m+ war chest

  1. Howard

    Poor you
    2022 Arsenal may have been relegated
    You count Leicester as a rich club?
    Always excuses
    We’ll hound him out of the club

  2. Werner

    Haven’t we heard the same bullshit over and over. Wenger is leaving. Just for him to stay. Wenger is getting money to spend. And then nothing happens in the transfer window. So for the next 5 years Arsenal is not going good to win anything. As long Wenger is there it’s no trophies and just a lot of sad sad excuses.

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  4. Dan Hultstrand

    This surely has to an April fools joke!!!!
    First that he actually stays AND for FIVE YEARS!!!!!!!!
    Give this transfer money to Simeone and we will be fighting for the title and More!!!!

  5. Reuben

    haven’t we hearing this over and over but nothing happened, the same place with no EPL trophy And Always fourth place finished.Is time This club need a new life and change not same story all the time


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