What song should Arsenal leave the pitch to at the final whistle?

The last couple of games, the Arsenal DJ has played Sweet Caroline at the final whistle. A tune made popular at the boxing is starting to infiltrate football. Having been to the boxing when it is played, the roof comes off, the place is electric.

Sweet Caroline being played has led to a discussion of the She Wore Facebook page over what songs are should come out too, and what should be played at the final whistle.

After the poorly advised Wonder of You by Elvis that the club tried to force on fans on the move to the Emirates, Arsenal have a policy that they have a list of songs any of which are played at any stage before or after the game.

Whilst this does keep it neutral and stops any debate, having been to the likes of Chelsea when they play One Step Beyond by Madness at the final whistle, and the usual suspects of Bubbles at West Ham and Blue Moon at Manchester City an uplifting song can certainly stir feelings before, and having you leaving a ground with a skip in your step after a game.

It is perhaps something Arsenal should revisit.

So what songs would be suitable for the final whistle?

London Calling; The Clash -­ Great song, and brings back good memories of recent Wembley victories. But it is Wembley’s go to song no matter who wins the FA Cup. Also Chelsea adopted this song at the end of games years ago.

Sweet Caroline; Neil Diamond – At the boxing it go’s off when Sweet Caroline is played. It is synonymous with Eddie Hearn events. And that is why it is not something for Arsenal. It would just be piggy backing on Hearn and boxing.

Moving on Up; M People – The most played post game song of recent years. Could be an option. But a bit embarrassing when we fail to win.

Gold; Spandau Ballet – My Favourite. It has to be this. Why did I not stumble across this before? They are an Islington band, Martin Kemp, Gary Kemp and Tony Hadley are all lifelong Arsenal fans, it is an uplifting song, the lyrics are genius and relatable to football (“you’re indestructible” “Oh but I’m proud of you, but I’m proud of you”). It would be a banger if played at the final whistle.

Good Old Arsenal; Arsenal 1971 – Classic Arsenal song and one of those songs that it can be argued belongs to us (even though some other clubs sing it). Only downside is the lyric “whilst we sing this song we’ll win the game” would not go down well if we have not won. Better if we came out to this before games then had it played after?

Anything by Madness – Love Madness, but Chelsea come out to them and they are Chelsea fans. So no thanks.

The Riders of the Night; Eyes Right – Unique Arsenal song by an Arsenal band. Great song. But lyrics a little too naughty for a 5pm kick off.

My Generation; The Who – Roger Daltrey is a lifelong Arsenal fan. It would be good to have whatever song we have after (or before) the game to be associated with Arsenal. Massive back catalogue so I am sure someone can find a better song than my choice, My Generation

Arsenal We’re On your Side; Arsenal 1972 – Dated, cringey, and most would not have heard of it.

Move on Up; Curtis Mayfield – it has been pointed out to me that it is actually Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield, not Moving on Up by M People. Music has never been my strong point.


I started this mini blog with no idea what my favourite would be. My first thought was “we need to look at The Who or Pink Floyd songs), but whilst writing, the choice became obvious. Spandau Ballet – Gold. Incidentally, this tune is one of my most played on iTunes and I always stick it on The George jukebox after a game.

Before games it should be Good Old Arsenal, and as players come out, Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim.

Any other suggestions? Leave them in the comments


12 thoughts on “What song should Arsenal leave the pitch to at the final whistle?

  1. Carl

    How about Money by Pink Floyd, would definitely suit the club’s ethos and Wenger would probably sing along.


  2. Curtis Mayfield

    I don’t see that it matters, honestly. But ifwe’re going on which is the best song. Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield is easily the best song.


  3. Johnno

    Definitely Good Old Arsenal before games. Penny Arcade afterwards. And I`d rather have Arsenal we`re on your side than the crap weve got now. Riders of the night is not a bad shout either. At least their proper old Arsenal tunes.


  4. iain lock

    Come out to Good old Arsenal, at the end of the game and adopted by the fans as the anthem and sung whenever like Youll never walk alone is should be Gold Spandau ballet. Plus our away kit is yellow/gold.



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