Arsenal win the FA Cup – And it ruined some Arsenal fans weekend

I am still probably over the limit to drive anywhere. A bender that started before Noon in Islington on Saturday ended after midnight Monday morning. The White Swan on Highbury corner have made hundreds from me over the weekend.

Somewhere in between me spending a good 24 hours in a single pub over the bank holiday weekend was a football match. A glorious day. A day when the unsung hero’s stood up and were counted.

It is now 3 days since that victory (or is it 4?) so I will not analyse the game too much, that has been done hundreds of times since we won. But Saturday’s victory was sensational – with the stand out stars those who often get criticised or over looked.

Who would have thought a defence of Rob Holding, Per Mertesacker and Nacho Monreal would deal with the aggressiveness of Diego Costa and silky skills of Eden Hazard so easily.

Rob Holding is a star in the making. I do not want to go OTT with him as he needs to develop in his own time. He made a few mistakes at the weekend, one of which led to a goal, the other a good chance for Costa. But as long as he keeps his head down, working hard, he will become a future England international. £2m is the bargain of the century.

Next time him, big Per Mertesacker put in the type of performance that led him to win 100 caps for Germany. The experienced campaigner had barely played for 13 months. Chelsea would have been licking their lips at the mere mention of him starting. But he was a giant at the back, and made the game look very easy.

Then we have Nacho Monreal on the left hand side of the back 3. In the back end of the season, the left hand side of the defence was the weak point. We did not have a natural left sided centre back. With performances like the weekend, Monreal might have just made that position his.

We also dominated the middle of the park. Granit Xhaka put in the world class performance that was the norm for him in Germany. He has had an average first season in England, but over the last month or so has really grown as a player. Get a good pre-season under his belt and we have one of the best central midfielder in Europe.

Next to Xhaka is the much criticised Aaron Ramsey. He of two FA Cup winning goals. The new formation has giving him the licence to get forward, make those late runs in the box that made him such a threat a few years ago. The middle two seemed to have great balance, full of running, and dominated Kante and Matic.

We won because we were hungrier, we won because we wanted it more, we won because we were better on the day.

It really is unbelievable that some fans, rather than get on it and spend the weekend celebrating, sat online moaning all day. I have conversed with some absolute bellends over the last few days who have refused to celebrate Arsenal winning a trophy.

Imagine a world where you are an Arsenal fan and Arsenal winning the FA Cup ruins your bank holiday weekend.

These are the types of pillocks who talk about their hatred of Modern Football, and hark back to the great days of the 70s and 80s, yet disregard winning the FA Cup as we failed to finish Top 4 or make waves in the Champions League. Against modern football, but are modern football.

Give me the FA Cup over a top 4 finish any day of the week. The weekend has been brilliant. Winning the FA Cup makes it a successful season, a glorious season. If winning the FA Cup ruined your weekend, then you need to have a long hard look at yourself. Your a little bit of a sad case.

I am already buzzing for next season.



4 thoughts on “Arsenal win the FA Cup – And it ruined some Arsenal fans weekend

  1. Harry Barracuda

    Couldn’t agree more. If you can’t enjoy that victory, perhaps it’s time you glory hunted elsewhere.

  2. Lynn Yexley

    Hallelujah that’s spot on this seemed so sweet this cup.. everything you said is correct … go you Arsenal xx

  3. Brian Douglas

    Enough of knocking us old timers, I’m 70 years old, and no one was more pleased that we played and won so well. Chelsea got away with 2-1.
    AW’s teams have played the best football of my lifetime. If anything, it was a bitter sweet victory for the AW out mob.
    Yes we’ve smashing teams in the past, but boy have we had some shit too.
    On a lighter note, met a lovely 91 year old at the Cup Final who’d seen every Arsenal Cup Final since Ted Drake’s goal beat Sheffield United in 1936.
    I was chuffed for him too. BD

  4. ANAND

    You are spot on mate. A true Arsenal fan would always love a trophy. In fact i feel when we do not seriously compete for League Cup and play the 2nd team. Having said, if your ambitions are to be counted among the great, winning the league titles and Champions League are must which is missing. If our players displayed even 75% of it during the season consistently, we would win the league and reach far in Champions League. Just imagine the point we lost against Crystal Palace (3) WBA (3) Watford (3) AFC Bournemouth (2) Everton (3) Boro (2) and had drawn against Spurs and Liverpool (2) it would have been 18 points. Our position in the League table would have been completely different. If you people had watched these games, the point I am talking were for our taking but our players never turned up and sometime the old adamant fool Wenger”s team selection cost us the match (Liverpool dropping Sanchez)


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