Arsenal in Australia…A view from the fans

18 degree’s with clear blue skies over Sydney Harbour today and 1st port of call was the Fortune of War on the Rocks, where quite a few of the old seasoned Warrior’s from The George were gathered.

Aย few bars later and we’re on the rattler to the Olympic Park from Central station, with the customary missing kick off, despite a pretty decent rail system in place with express trains taking about 15 mins.

The ground ain’t that bad for a modern stadium and plenty of help on hand. Lifts and escalators were a God send for those on the 6th tier.

The ground is pretty much similar to the Bowl, and like the Bowl, I am afraid to say the atmosphere was shit.

Considering some of the younguns present were probably seeing The Arsenal for the first time, a bit more effort wouldn’t have gone a miss. At least Arsenal America are happy to have learnt B’jesus said Paddy off to a tee.

Beer in ya seat’s was a bonus for a game that threatened to come to life in the first half. Walcott truly had a game to forget (or should that be a career?)!!!

$100 for a perch in the gods was disappointing. Will be interesting to see where $200 gets us on Saturday.

The two biggest cheers of the night came with our new number nine bagging on his debut and the other being the skill shown by Bruce in the back row getting his paper airplane on the pitch.

Expecting a livelier atmosphere from the West Sydney chap’s on Saturday…….flares at the ready.


1 thought on “Arsenal in Australia…A view from the fans

  1. Charles Charlie Charles

    Good article. Sydney is one of those places where you have to go in order to claim that you have lived. Brilliant city.

    I’ve been back in the UK for two years after quite long spell in Perth (spent 1/4 of my life there). I was a Perth Glory supporter (still am) and I am a lifelong Goon. Season ticket holder in the 80’s and now Red member number 52,486 on the season ticket waiting list.

    If I had been in Perth, I’d have jumped on a plane and gone to both matches. I was a member of Arsenal Australia until I let it lapse last year.

    Football in Australia is a funny old game. Played on torn to shreds pitches that are usually used for Aussie Rules, Rugby and Cricket. The season runs though the Aussie summer and on field temperatures often top 40c.

    You can stand in the stands, drink your beer as you watch, you can get in for around ยฃ15.00.

    You see the same people in the stands every week, you strike up lifelong friendships, you all go to the same pub for the away games.

    I’ve been binge watching Arsenal since I got back here. Spent a bloody fortune on tickets. Did the whole cup run this year apart from the away game at Sutton and I will be in Wembley again on the 6th of August to watch us rub salt into Contis wounds and to plaster the toilets with “North London is RED” stickers to piss off the Yids when they claim it as their home ground the following week.

    Glad you lot enjoyed yourselves over there but do yourselves a favour. Follow an A League club, go to the matches, get involved. It isn’t treason to follow another club in another country (unless that team happens to be Melbourne City which is a spin off from Man Shitty).


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