What is the truth behind the Lucas Perez situation?

I wrote a blog back in May about the unfortunate case of Lucas Perez. Unfortunately I have managed to delete it. So here is the short version of what happened with the Spanish striker.

1. He was signed to cover the injured Danny Welbeck back and the not-fully-fit Olivier Giroud

2. Whilst he settled, Alexis Sanchez was given a run upfront

3. Alexis Sanchez scored 30 goals

4. Perez was also competition for Theo Walcott on the right wing

5. Walcott scored 19 goals

6. He scored a hat trick v Basel. Well done

7. In the game before Basel, Sanchez scored a hattrick

8. The game after Basel, Walcott scored and got an assist

9. Perez failed to boot out either of the inform Walcott or Sanchez from the team

10. You’re an idiot if you think he should have started ahead of either

11. Olivier Giroud returned from injury

12. Danny Welbeck returned from injury

13. Perez was basically 4th choice striker

14. Perez got injured

15. Arsenal changed formation

Was Perez given a fair chance? No. But not everyone deserves a fair chance. I never got a fair chance to play for Arsenal. Neither did you.
Sometimes the truth is that there were simply better players ahead of you who maintained their form.


10 thoughts on “What is the truth behind the Lucas Perez situation?

  1. gmv8

    Do not agree with that. There were loads of times when Walcott had done his disappearing act, and Perez would’ve been the better option, either as a sub or as a starter.

  2. Philbet

    Well I do agree with you i have only seen gimpses of Perez and whilst he does look a useful player am unconvinced that he is better than Sanchez, Ozil,Giroud,Wellbeck Oxlade, Iwobi or an inform Walcott,everyones a genius when they have an agenda.

  3. 4rsenal

    What about Iwobi starting ahead of him when we could use the extra striker in the front three? Or Ramsey shoved in the front 3 ahead of him??? Makes no sense..Maybe he shoudn’t start ahead of Alexis or Theo, but he should have featured more!

      1. 4rsenal

        Theo plays RW or LW, so what makes you think Perez can’t? And why can’t he play behind a striker?? Ramsey does and he’s garbage at it.

  4. Ruel Carvey

    I understand he was brought as cover, but there were several points where he could have been used, he could have also replaced Ozil who was not performing.

  5. Jimmy Balantyne

    Mesut’s a number 10. Perez a 9… There’s a world of difference. You really ought to know that.

    1. 4rsenal

      I don’t think this semantics matter, Ozil doesn’t even play like a proper 10. When you essentially play 3 attackers (Ozil was played as an attacker), I don’t see why you stifle your offence of goal scorers. Perez is a goal scorer. If we can play Ramsey in the winger role why can’t Perez get ahead of him? Wenger has wasted so many players career by playing them wrongly or not even playing them at all. He’s too stubborn to accommodate a player that was bought for 17m to score goals!

  6. chris

    Face it. The man was used by Wenger … who actually does not give a xxxx about anyone except himself.

  7. GoonerEris

    The article just about hit the nail on the head. Very little to add and the rest is just sentiments and papers/blogs loving the “Arsenal striker wants out” headline. I thought it was clear who ‘wanted who out’ when he was not picked for the tour and his jersey number taken.
    To my mind, Wenger has spared Perez’s blushes by often keeping him out of the firing line. Fans just like to see their “shiny new object” play a bit so they can assess him or slate the manager for a poor buy. Perez is a stiker, shoots well, gets into good positions and has some guile, but he wasn’t a very good team player and was lost a few times he came on against good sides. He lost the ball a lot of times when he played and rushed his decisions most of the times. If we have players who are willing to play for the team, bid their time and remain loyal to the cause, no need keeping him.

    He came as cover and wasn’t patient; the manager understood he wanted to play always and as he can’t give him that at a club like Arsenal, where better players than he are available, he has allowed him to go. The problem is his old club are unable to pay £12m after taking £17m outright cash from Arsenal! How ridiculous. I wish him well as I liked him as a person but if he thought he came here to walk into the first team, I am not sure something wasn’t lost in translation.


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