Neymar to PSG shows greed has killed football

The transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to PSG really does highlight that players are motivated by nothing but money.

Barcelona are one of the greatest teams in world football. A historic club. They compete for major honours every year, and participate in a competitive league. Compare this to PSG who were only founded in 1970 and are the 7th most successful side in France.

Before PSG got the oil money, they had won the same amount of Ligue 1 titles as Sète & Sochaux. Less than the likes of Reims, Nice, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Monaco, Nantes, Marseille & Saint-Étienne. They are simply not a big club, they are just a rich club.

Whilst Barcelona have won 5 European Cups, PSG have never mad it past the quarter final. Last season they were knocked out in the first knockout stage.

Neymar could be running out infront of 100,000 people at the Nou Camp. Instead he will be at some stadium in a French suburb that holds just 47,929.

PSG play in a one team league – although Monaco did surprise everyone by winning the league last year. They are where players go to stat pad. Beyond the top handful of teams, the quality is poor. Will anyone really respect Neymar if he scores 100 goals in France next year? They will not.

There is talk that Neymar’s move will enhance his chance of winning the Ballon d’Or. That will only happen if he drives PSG to the Champions League or Brazil to the World Cup. 50 goals in France is like 50 goals in Scotland. Not impressive.

The only logical reason Neymar is picking PSG over Barcelona is because of money.

If he is unhappy at Barcelona, why not go to Manchester United, Juventus or Bayern Munich. They would all love him at their club. But of course, they would not pay him the tax free £650,000 the French club are reportedly offering.

There are millions of reasons why Neymar is leaving Barcelona for PSG. And none of them are footballing. They are all about his bank balance.

Greed is no longer killing football. It has killed football.


18 thoughts on “Neymar to PSG shows greed has killed football

  1. Tammy

    Quite true, the Neymar senior, his father’s greed is behind the move. It is money, that’s the real fact. He works for his father’s greed.


  2. Danish Gooner

    Greed killed football when they introduced the absurdly wealthy CL and when sheikhs and oligarchs were allowed to toy with some of worlds finest football clubs.


  3. Giovani R

    I think PSG falls into the same category as Man City and Chelsea
    Man City was a small club before bein rich same as Chel$hit
    Im getin tired of this bullcrap

    Come On Arsenal!


  4. J. T. A. Phillip-Banigo

    Itake exception to the rather ridiculing of the French League by this author. Call it opinion or observation the issue is not about the league quality but the interest of the player in question and of course, players generally. The English league may have all the creatures of football pleasure and delight but it is not better than League 1. The national output of France in football is far better than Britain. Expensive footballing began in the EPL with the signing of Rio Ferdinand, et al. Quite clear that footballers have become more concerned about their pockets that ecks in a somewhat status simbol than joys emanating from its frenzies. It is the EPLthat injected greed into players when it commercialised football ostensibly to outdone others in european competetions which opened others eyes and are today as attractive with private investments. Greed is the evil behind success in as Neymar as Sanchez while it is now trailing Mbappe.


  5. allezkev

    Footballers being interested in their bank balance isn’t really new mate.
    Herbert Chapman had to arrange a second job at Selfridges for Alex James in the 1930’s to keep him happy.

    I’m not sure that the fans of Olympique Marseille would agree with your assessment of Ligue Un.

    Bayern out already, does today mean that PSG are now out of the running for Alexis?
    Looks like he is staying after all…


  6. Sean Vassallo

    If Neymar feels that in order to win the Ballon D’or he’ll have to leave Barca than that’s the stupidest excuse I’ve ever heard.Neymar can move to whatever team he likes because unless he ups his game he’s never gonna win it.Joining PSG is not going to guarantee him the Ballon D’or but hey it’s his life.Leaving Barcelona to win the ballon dor??…..come the fuck on!!.It’s all about the money


    1. manamongst74

      Sound like a sound rational to me. He wouldn´t want to go to another Spanish team. How is it a stupid excuse when you have Messi and Suarez on your team???

      Have you bumped your head mate?


    2. keenosafc Post author

      Also, a player who ‘dreams’ of winning the Ballon d’Or is not one I would want in my team. I want my player to dream of winning leagues, champions leagues, and other team trophies, not individual honours. I think about Thierry Henry, he had not interest in individual honours. More important to win the league than finish top goal scorer. Individual honours are just a bonus.


      1. manamongst74

        Put it this way, you´re not making much sense with that statement. Ask yourself this: would you want a Ballon d´Or winner on your team…? Of course you would so slap yourself for say that you wouldn´t want a player that aspired to win it. Hell, Rivaldo, Pavel Nedvěd, Cannavaro, Shevcheno, Michael Owen, Luís Figo, Zidane…they all wanted it too.

        Here´s a novel idea for you guys, stop looking for fickle reasons to sip on haterade…and just stick to bashing his greedy ass dad.


  7. kyle reid

    La Liga has maybe 6 good teams to France’s 3.
    One cannot live in the shadow of the top 2 players in the world when he is likely number 3.
    Greed is a factor but I’d leave my work for a 6 million more a year pretty quick.


  8. Benjamin

    I think that you are going to have to look back into the history of football and particularly French Football. The only reason why the French ligue was never renowned is purely because all of the talented French players were offered higher salaries in foreign leagues pretty much until now. The only players who have stayed in France were mediocre players at the time. It’s only a matter of generation, there is no difference between what was happening at the time where players from France would get offered higher pay checks in England than what it is happening at the moment with PSG.
    No difference, at all. Of course, players are getting paid a lot more today than they were yesterday. And the salaries will only get bigger and bigger as football and investors are injecting more money as the years go by. French football had less money than any other leagues in Europe. Hence why most of the players left… Hence why PSG, Reims never won anything.
    The French football academies are way more advanced than they are in England. They have Clairefontaine which is one of the biggest academies in the world. But where are all those players now? Or where did they end up? Certainly not in France. You have to remember that PSG have only been around since 1970. That’s not a very long time. Football is a business, it always has been and always will be. Most of the players will go where the money and fame is. Nothing new here.
    PSG have been really clever, the world cup in Qatar will be in 2022, Neymar will be the ambassador, not only they will attract more and more players but they will also be propelled to the top. Very clever move. I don’t think Neymar is going to PSG only for money. They wanted to get Verratti for 80 millions a couple of weeks ago. I’m pretty sure the first thing that the board would have offered Neymar when he told them he is thinking about leaving would have been a pay rise. PSG injecting that much money will only attract more views to the Ligue 1, and hopefully more French Clubs will start investing too. You can’t think of PSG being a poor club because they never won anything. In fact, apart from Marseille who am pretty sure bribed the whole CL tournament in 1993 with Mr Tapie who is well known in France for match fixing, not many clubs accomplished anything. Why? Simply because, there was no money. Players weren’t interested whether it’s PSG, Montpellier or Lorient. No one cared about the French Ligue, maybe it’s time for a change and the only way to do it is to inject more money than any other clubs.


  9. Josef Vasicek

    I can’t fault anyone for trying to maximize their value during their short careers. Adn I don’t fault players making millions when owners are making billions. If the ownership is inclined to pay someone an insane amount, they should take it. It’s preposterous to think a player, especially one from a poorer nation, should say no to maximizing their value to preserve some ambiguous ideal.



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