Predictable Arsenal predictably lose to Stoke

I think I will stick to cricket. As England beat West Indies by and innings and a few hundred runs, a load of us were still in Stoke.

What a nightmare of a trip it was.

Working backwards, the bus fiasco was basically the cherry on the top. Half filled busses back to the station further angered and already annoyed set of Arsenal fans. Old Bills incompetence not helping things as fans stood soaked in the rain waiting for the busses to return to take us to the station. Having already missed the train home that many booked, frustration grew to anger as one bus driver refused to move.

And Stoke stank. Whoever kept farting in the away end. You need to get yourself checked out. You stank out the place more than Arsenal.

And onto Arsenal. It was just same old, same old. Stoke, our bogey team, did the normal or booing Aaron Ramsey and beating Arsenal.

Yes we can point to offside goals and penalties not given, but ultimately Arsenal only have themselves to blame.

Not enough players bought this summer. A lack of creativity up top. A lack of creativity in the middle. And a defence which consisted of a right back at left wing back, two left backs at centre back, and a winger at right wing back.

There is round pegs in square holes and then there is the team Arsene Wenger put out yesterday. We got away with it against Leicester. Yesterday we got what we deserved.

He needs to shoulder all the blame for that performance.

It is him who has not signed the players. Him who picked the formation and designed the tactics. And it is him who has stayed on for 2 contracts too long.

Yes, since the 2014 FA Cup, we have added another 2 to the tally, but he really should have stood down after that victory over Hull City.

It feels like I am being greedy, selfish, ungrateful, by saying 3 FA Cups in 4 years is not enough. It actually is enough. But it is the lack of progression. The lack of anything changing. Which frustrates me so much.

We have another 18 months of this sort of performance. Minimum. But muggings me will be there next season, at Stoke, waiting for my bus back to the station after seeing us lose once again.

Last night a mate of mine text something what really sums it all up;

“I don’t even get that angry anymore that’s what worries me the most.

These type of defeats aren’t a shock.”

I don’t even have the cricket to look forward to today. Cheers West Indies.


6 thoughts on “Predictable Arsenal predictably lose to Stoke

  1. Stanley simons

    Agree one hundred percent ..have always been a team we have trouble with.we are clarifying players that are not performing, ozil,dreadful,Mustafa,waste of money..get Jack back quickly.he is arsenal!!!.need better defence..all the front men we brought on we could not produce a goal..the board should not have given Wenger an extra two years!!!!!!. boreing predictable football.enough is enough!!!!!!!!


  2. chris

    Oh well ….. only another 2 seasons of Wenger to get through – or perhaps more ? It amazes me that Wenger fans just can’t see it. How much do they really know about the game ??


  3. Since Swindon

    This is the first post I’ve ever done but i can’t believe not a a word is ever said about Welbeck. I’ve read most of the sights today and have seen the criticism of monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ox but not a word about Welbeck.
    How many chances does he need. He’s the most overrated player in the team but nobody seems to say anything. I’ve lost count of the times he miss kicks the ball or totally misses it. The header yesterday was embarrassing, he must have closed his eyes for it to miss his head and hit his shoulder. I wouldn’t blame Giroud for going when he’s lower in the pecking order than that waste of space.


  4. Cheadle

    The real story of opening weekend was not Arsenal 4-3 Leicester but Chelsea 2-3 Burnley with 9 men.

    Chelsea just did light work of the pundits favourite “mighty Spurs” 2-1 at Wembley, the story here is they did it without Cahill, Fabregas and Hazard and Technically without Matic & Costa how is this even possible?

    And interestingly Chelsea scored all three goals! two for themselves and one for Spurs.

    My point here is that Chelsea sold their best midfielder and “sold” their best striker and still pulled off a victory at a “Top 7” side. If Arsenal at near full strength cannot battle a win at a “Lucky 13” side then even with Sanchez coming back in we will be fortunate to get 4th position.

    Please tell me I’m wrong

    Key: (Top 7 + Lucky 13) = 20 teams ……. Get it? If you can guess the top seven teams then you already know the Lucky 13.



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