Leaving Arsenal for trophies – It does not really happen

They have left Arsenal because they want to win things is often what is trotted out when Arsenal’s megastars leave them.

Whilst this might be true, that players want to win, or compete at the highest level, it does not mean that leaving Arsenal guarantees them success.

Since 2019 – when Emmanuel Adebayor made the big money move from Arsenal to Manchester City, many a player has left us to seek trophies. But the reality is, none of them have exactly been a success at the club they joined:

Note: The above is trophies won at the club they left for. I have split the real trophies and the glorified friendlies (Community Shield, Supercopa de España UEFA Super Cup & FIFA World Club Cup)



4 thoughts on “Leaving Arsenal for trophies – It does not really happen

  1. Vincent

    So is this post to remind us of the stars that left us?
    Or the successes they had elsewhere?
    Or our own failings, in terms of major trophies won?

    Sorry mate but I really don’t understand the point of this blog. Were you really that bored when you wrote this?

  2. gunnerbear

    Some of the players that have moved have won league titles for their respective teams…that mashes our pathetic 3 FA Cups….league titles smash cups. The only exception being the European Cup….but that isn’t a ‘domestic trophy’.

    What do you think the fans would take now – two PL titles or 3 FA Cups…I’d snatch the PL titles in a heartbeat.

    Real clubs, striving for success don’t keep managers who’ve not won the main trophy in over a decade….it’s because CFC etc. are so ruthless in their desire for success that a manager who fails get sacked….we keep ours…to lead us through the shambles of last year and the humiliation that was our transfer window fiasco.

  3. red ed

    3 FA cups between 2013-2017

    During that time,
    * Manure won 1 FA cup + 1 League Cup + 1 Europa League
    * Chavs won 2 PL + 1 League Cup
    * Spuds won 5 Fuck All
    * Mugs won 10 Fuck All

    now obviously if you look at this from this perspective, things aren’t “that” bad; BUT we have been sold a vision of a decade of drought and high prices so we can compete with european giants.

    People aren’t angry about “lack of recent” success, but because they have found out that they are being held off by Spin Doctors for all that time, and the targets that these doctors set up for themselves have not been met and there is no evidence that we are working on meeting them anytime soon over the next two years at least.

    I cannot ask you to believe in me for 10 years, expect you to pump high prices into my project while i promise you that by the end of this i will take you to the moon. Only for me to take you to Butlins at the end of it. And if you complain, i’ll call you ‘fake’ and remind you of how it was ME who took you on holiday after a decade of you sitting at home twiddling your thumbs because I ‘made’ it happen.


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