Arsenal’s Class is International

I am a “soccer” coach in New York.

Last summer we held our pre-season camp at the Golden Goal Residence in Upstate New York. Golden Goal host many teams and organisations, including the Arsenal Academy Camp (Arsenal School USA).

Arsenal’s camp was being held while I was there with my team. They had top class coaches replicating the coaching from Hale End and London Colney.

I witnessed some session and they were impressive. Kids who had registered for that camp had the new kit before it had been officially released.

The same week, there was also an organisation who had bought underprivileged kids from the Bronx to Golden Goal so that they could experience a residential camp experience outside of the City.

Those kids were so happy to be there, living the dream.

When the organisation overseeing these kids learnt that Arsenal were present, they humbly asked Arsenal Academy if their coaches could give these youngsters one afternoon session – can you imagine those underprivileged kids going home and telling their parents that they were coached for one session by The Arsenal?

The Arsenal coaches not only agreed to undertake a single session with these kids, but took it too a higher and unexpected level.

Arsenal added all the underprivileged kids to their own residential camp for free!!!!

Those kids got top coaching from Arsenal for a week, and went back to their neighbourhood with the new kit.

Some of these kids were crying and most of them could not believe it! Some thought it was a prank!

They would have left with memories that will last a lifetime, and for some it would have been a life changing experience.

It was a very moving moment watching these kids, who have nothing, realise that they were going to be coached by Arsenal Football Club. It made me proud of the club I support!

Proud to be a Gooner!!


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