Have you watch the 89 film yet?

If the answer no, you are probably in the minority.

The documentary culminating in Arsenal’s victory over Liverpool at Enfield on that famous night in 1989 has broken a number of records to become the most successful documentary ever on OurScreen.com with more than 3 times the number of screenings confirmed than the previous record holder.

Over 90 screenings across the country have already been sold out, with thousands of tickets sold.

Football fans are embracing the opportunity to watch this acclaimed film on the big screen. With nearly 30% of screenings being organised outside of London it has been a great opportunity for fans to come together outside of the traditional Arsenal heartland of North London – with a screening even taking place in Liverpool, the team they played against in the momentous 89 final game of the season.

With unprecedented access to the protagonists Lee Dixon, George Graham, Tony Adams and Michael Thomas and contributions from avid fans Dermot O’Leary, Nick Hornby and Alan Davies – 89 is a nostalgic, emotional tribute to one of the most compelling football finales of all time.

Cinema screenings of 89 are still available to book through the Our Screen platform, which enables fans to request their own screenings at cinemas across the country and if enough tickets are sold the screening is confirmed.

The film is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital platforms, and can be bought from Amazon. It will make the perfect Christmas present.

So if you have not yet watched it, tell your loved ones you want the DVD for Christmas. And if you have already watched it, tell your loved ones you want the DVD for Christmas.


1 thought on “Have you watch the 89 film yet?

  1. junky

    watched it this am. (living abroad now, it only arrived yesterday!). brilliant dvd. brought back so many memories. emotional as always when rocky is spoken about, particularly by ian wright. quite a lot celebrations shown that i had not seen before, in the ground, on the motorrway, and in winners. all in all, a great watch. 🙂



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