3rd round defeat the final nail in Wenger’s battered coffin

We’ve never finished outside the top 4 under Wenger

We’ve never finished below Spurs under Wenger

We’ve never been knocked out of the FA Cup 3rd round under Wenger

And in 8 months, we have now finished outside the top 4, we have now finished below Spurs, and we have now been knocked out of the FA Cup 3rd round.

We should have won yesterday. The team Arsene Wenger put out was good enough. It was a team of internationals and bright young talented. But we lost. And we deserved to lose.

The team, on paper, was good enough. But you have to look beyond paper.

Our cup team has struggled past Doncaster and Norwich in the League Cup. It lost away to a then-bottom-of-the-League Cologne. It drew 0-0 in the most boring game of the season against Red Star Belgrade. The 2nd team should be good enough to dispose of these but they clearly are not.

The senior pros are letting down their young counterparts badly.

Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck, Mohamed Elneny, Alex Iwobi, Per Mertesacker. These are experienced internationals, yet have been amongst the worst players on the pitch against Nottingham Forest, and the other cup games.

I feel for the likes of Reiss Nelson, Ainsley Naitland-Miles and Joe (or Chris?) Willock. Even Rob Holding. They have been badly supported by their international team mates, and their manager.

The line up did not disappoint me yesterday. It was as expected. But the bench did.

Against Sutton last year, we had Our bench vs sutton last year we had the likes of Debuchy, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Sanchez & Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the bench.

When I saw the bench for yesterday I said to a pal “it reminds me of Sheffield Wednesday”. The lack of top class options. That if we went one behind, would we have the fire power on the bench to get us back into the game.

It proved that we did not. And Wenger has to shoulder that blame.

Some will highlight that we are still in the League Cup – but what team will Wenger put out mid-week v Chelsea? – and that we are in the next round of the Europe League. But that doesn’t get away from the fact that yesterday was not good enough.

It isn’t that we finished outside the top 4, it isn’t that we finished below Spurs. Nor is it yesterday as to the single reason why Wenger needs to go.

Arsenal have come stale and predictable. Each poor result exaggerated.

Wenger needs to go so that we can get our sanity back. Our hope back. Our enjoyment of the game.

2018 needs to be his last year in Islington


5 thoughts on “3rd round defeat the final nail in Wenger’s battered coffin

  1. chris

    I doubt it. Wenger has Kroenke’s backing and Kroenke does not mind failing to win trophies. Be prepared for Wenger to stay right through the next 18 months and then possibly be offered a further extension thereafter. He loves being in total control.


  2. Stanley simons

    We all continue to ,quite rightly,have a go at Wenger.he is destroying our club.how can we defend the FA cup ,whoever we play and put out a team of young kids and useless second string players.our defence is diabolical.so we go out and buy a two million pound player and loan him out.Liverpool needed a defender and spent seventy odd million.this sums up our once great team.our silverware this season nil our league position six to eight.if ozil and Sanchez leave we will end up a mid table side.then Wenger will leave leaving us in total disarray.


  3. Mwanje Mos

    I expected such, nothing’s new with mr.wenger. he’s staying until he’s 75 year then retire. he can’t manage even a sole season in any ambitious team in europe thats why he wants to retire at afc. he’s outdated.


  4. GG

    Yesterday made it at least 10 disgraceful performances this season. TEN
    Only the fans can force the issue now. A complete boycott of the next three, four, five home games.
    We all know we’ve become a club that cares more about the money and winning trophies – let’s hurt the purse strings and show them the change needs to happen before the end of the season. We can’t finish 4th as we’re nowhere near good enough, don’t have the bottle or skill to win the Europa and only an act of complete luck and fluke will see the League cup head to the Emirates.
    Wenger is an arrogant, stagnant, bitter shrivelled up prune who cannot bear the likes of Klopp or Guardiola making us into world-beaters. Wenger no longer has a legacy – he has destroyed it, just like he has destroyed our club.


  5. Matt Ryan

    Good news, Kroenke’s NFL Rams got knocked out of the NFL Playoffs this weekend. His NHL Avs are currently 5th of 8 teams in the Central Division. His NBA Nuggets are 5th in the Western Conference. All solidly mediocre. Just like Arsenal.



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