Everything that is wrong at Arsenal

  • Out of the FA Cup at the 3rd round stage for the first time since 1996, to a lower a league side
  • Never in the title race
  • Not in the Champions League for the first time in 20 years
  • Best players want to leave
  • And for nothing
  • Manager does not know what formation to play
  • And does not seem to implement any tactics
  • Bizarre, predictable substitutions
  • Manager has his favourites who play despite poor form / partying
  • Manager stringing club along over his future
  • Owner does not care
  • Board does not care
  • Chairman rude to fans
  • No transfer strategy
  • No succession plan
  • Poor commercial deals
  • Attendance down
  • Emirates Stadium is a tourist attraction
  • Piles of cash in the bank
  • No ambition to improve
  • No discipline
  • No accountability


4 thoughts on “Everything that is wrong at Arsenal

  1. footyhead

    Reblogged this on Three men and a football and commented:
    Not happy reading if you’re an Arsenal fan, but a comprehensive and hard-hitting summary of all the problems at Arsenal at the moment. Refreshing to see that they don’t all just revolve around whether Wenger should stay or go. Issues rightly run deeper than that at Arsenal.



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