She Wore a Yellow Ribbon’s Fansbet

For over 5 years, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon have partnered Islington Boxing Club as our chosen charity. We have supported them in numerous ways; including donations, sponsorship and support of their events.

Since 2017, we have raised over £1,500 for the Archway based club and other charities that we support.

We are delighted to announce that alongside our usual support, we have partnered with FansBet, a unique betting company who donate 50% of the net losing bets to charity.

Unlike with other betting affiliates, like those big Twitter accounts who link up with Ladbrokes, Bet365, etc and profit as individuals from the total losses, She Wore a Yellow ribbon do not make a penny from partnership.

We are not encouraging anyone to bet more, we just ask you to consider using Fansbet (please bet responsibly) as 50% of the total losses will 100% be donated directly to Islington Boxing Club.

Fansbet recently donated £10,000 to Shrewsbury Town as part of a crowd funding initiative which saw the club get one step closer to being the first club in England & Wales to introduce safe standing at their Montgomery Waters Meadow stadium.

It is just one example as to how fans and the betting company can work in conjunction to support local causes.

Alongside supporting the Islington Boxing Club, fans will also get exclusive enhanced off on football and boxing chosen by those who sign up.

Step 1 – Sign up here

Step 2 – Choose Arsenal

Step 3 – Choose “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon”

It takes 2 minutes to sign up.

As usual the support of those loyal to SWAYR and Islington Boxing Club is vital for this and will raise much needed funds for Islington Boxing Club.

Thank you


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