Danny Welbeck fails to score a new contract

We have all seen the joke going round on twitter;

Leroy Sane not included in Germany’s World Cup squad.

Martial and Lacazette not included in France’s World Cup squad.

Icardi not included in Argentina’s World Cup squad.

Meanwhile, England are taking Danny Welbeck.

Whilst it is incredible that Sane, Martial and Icardi are not going to the World Cup – highlighting just how strong those nations are – it is an ignorant ending to the joke to dig out Welbeck.

The truth is, for England Welbeck is a very reliable goal scorer.

Last night against Costa Rica,

Welbeck scores his 16th goal in 39 appearances. Not a bad record what so ever.

When you compare that to the combined record of Sane, Icardi and Martial – 1 goal in 34 appearances between them, you can perhaps see why Welbeck is going to Russia and those 3 are not.

But what for Welbeck’s future at Arsenal?

He joined Arsenal 4 years ago from Manchester United. Fed up of being a reserve for his boyhood club, he hoped moving to London would reignite his career.

Throughout his Arsenal career, he has shown why he never broke through at Manchester United.

Physically he is brilliant. Tall, strong and quick. It is technically where he struggles. He simply does not score enough goals that his size and pace gives him the chances to score.

27 goals in 112 appearances in not a record to be proud of.

He turns 28 in November and has found himself once more in the fringes of the Arsenal squad, behind both Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

With all the talk about Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere’s contract situation, it has gone unnoticed that Welbeck is also entering the last year of his contract.

At his age, and if he has any ambition in him, he will be seeking first team football. Like with Jack Wilshere, he will probably have to find it lower down in the Premier League. Therefore I would be very surprised if he signs a new contract with Arsenal.

But I also do not think he will leave the club this summer.

With Arsenal having quite a large squad turnover this year, having already lost Per Mertesacker and Santi Cazorla, and with Jack Wilshere set to leave at the end of the month, Arsenal need to try and keep some players.

Welbeck comes across as a professional guy. Professional enough to play even if he knows he is leaving.

Arsenal would unlikely be able to command a large fee for the Englishman this summer, so would be happy enough to lose him on a free transfer next year – his transfer feee being fully amortised in the club accounts.

A new young attacking wide man will be signed this summer, who along with the lies of Alex Iwobi and Riess Nelson will compete to replace Danny Welbeck in the future. But with Welbeck you know what you are going to get already, so it will be important to keep him around for one more year just in case the new lad does not settle, or Iwobi and Nelson fail to kick on.

Next season, even if it is his last at Arsenal, Welbeck still has important role to play, being the link man between our past and our future.


10 thoughts on “Danny Welbeck fails to score a new contract

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  2. Philbet

    Unable to command a large fee???? With the cost of a premier League striker these days Welbeck is at least £20Million maybe even £25-£28 Millions worth, mid table clubs could and would want him.We’re pretty certain on a profit for him.


  3. Alphie_Izzett

    Summarising (and I don’t think I am being unfair) – “Keeping a sub-standard club player, because he’s a nice guy who tries hard and doesn’t moan, and anyway we have to bring in players for those who have already left” – is a respectable reason/policy for a club as distinguished as Arsenal?
    if so it’s hardly surprising that the Emirates has an ever more deafening gurgling noise; as the clubs goes ever so gently down the plug hole!


  4. luda gunner

    you’re talking nonsense welbeck does’nt have the quality to play for arsenal let alone a top six club so you saying he still has an important role to play is ridiculous he is dead weight and should sold asap…if anything his role would be to be sold and add funds to our transfer fee…..your article is utter rubbish so in future if you have nothing to write about just don’t cause you will lose us as true arsenal fans and frequent readers!!!


  5. Tikpo

    Luda gunner, Pity You Think Brash Aggressive & Hasty Decisions Equate Bold Management. Far From It!
    Think De Brunye, Salah & Perhaps, Pogba To See That Patience Is Also A Virtue In Good Management.
    Following Your Mind set, Van Persie Should Have Been Sold At Least 2 Years Before His 7Th Season When He Played His 1St & Last Largely Injury Free Season.
    Maintaining A Bridge Between The Old & New Players Is Sensible Management & Welbeck Adequately Fulfils That Role!



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