Aaron Ramsey closing in on new deal

I think he is looking at what the likes of Mesut Ozil is getting, and what other’s in the Premier League are on, and feels that £150,000 is less than what he is worth

That was the response from someone during a discussion over what is happening with Aaron Ramsey’s contract. And it is very hard to disagree with it.

Aaron Ramsey is one of the best central midfielders in the Premier League – I find it very odd the way some fans still criticise him.

At 27-years old, he is coming into the peak of his career. There are not too many all round midfielders better than him.

He covers the ground in the middle of the park – usually number one for KM covered for Arsenal. He can pass (85% pass completion),he can defend and he can attack – he averaged 1 goal or assist every 3 games in the Premier League throughout his entire career.

If you take penalties out of it, is influence in terms of goals and assists per game is not too far off Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard – and they both also took free kicks and corners.

The two Englishmen are superior to Ramsey, but it is hard to name too many other Premier League central midfielders who, over the last decade, have been as consistent and influential as Aaron Ramsey.

He does have his injury problems, and has failed to play over 25 league games in the last two years, but fans were more than happy to ignore the injury records of jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain when is came to contract renewal time.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is one of the players Ramsey is probably looking at,

Arsenal were reportedly willing to offer The Ox £180,000 a week. Ramsey is a much better player, there is no debate.

As well as Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey is probably looking at what players at other clubs are getting. The likes of Raheem Sterling, Fernandinho, Cesc Fabregas and David Silva. All of which are in the £160k-£200k bracket. He is in the same box as these guys when it comes to influence and talent.

He is probably also looking at Paul Pogba on £290k a week.

Pogba has the name and reputation, but he often flatters to deceive due to his high price tag and wages. Is Ramsey on Pogba’s level? The statistics would indicate yes.

Paul Pogba is overpaid on £290k a week. Would Ramsey be underpaid on £150k a week?

As Arsenal fans, we have moaned in recent years that not enough of our players would get into the first XIs of those above us.

Ramsey would start for every Premier League side bar Manchester City. And even City would want him as a squad player – he would still probably start 30 games across all competitions for them.

My feeling is Aaron Ramsey will sign a new deal, maybe even this week. I am certain he will not go to Chelsea or elsewhere over the next 10 days.

If he does not sign this week, he is playing the Ozil card, waiting as long as possibly to sign to push those wages up. In that case, we will see him agree a new deal in December or January.

Ramsey is key to our present. Hopefully the deal is tied up this week.



4 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsey closing in on new deal

  1. Marc Earl

    I fully agree with your comments. The most important signing for us in the coming days is tying down Ramsey, and i would love to see him made captain. In the Last twenty minutes of premier league games he is always the one still doing the most running and making the most chances. In the European championship two years ago i think he was in the top two or three players. He drives Arsenal on and creates in a much more direct way than Ozil so complements him brilliantly. In this market about £225K seems fair to me.


  2. chris

    The problem is that Wenger ludicrously granted Ozil some £350k per week. So everyone else looks underpaid. Ramsey is not in fact worth £150k per week. He may do something good or may tread on the ball. He has great energy but still uses it like a headless chicken.


  3. HenryBosco

    I definitely agree to this report. arsenal fc should do everything possible to get Ramsey into penning down a new deal or else we loose him to harsh rivals in the premier league which isn’t gonna be funny and later on coming back to hurt us. so I plead with the boards to tread carefully at what Ramsey’s demands are. Honestly for me Ramsey should be getting a pay raise in the region of 200 to 250 per week. plz Emery we can’t afford to lose S. carzola, J. welshere and finally Rambo. plz check it out.


  4. Gareth Piggott

    whatever happens Ramsey must not be allowed to let the window end without signing or leaving. Running down the contract to leave for free is not an option on a player worth over £30m. we just lost something like that amount on Wilshere.



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