Arsenal get friendly Europa League fixtures

With Arsenal playing Thursday nights in Europe, one thing I always look at is what games are guaranteed to be moved to a Sunday due to our participation on the UEFA Cup.

As an away scheme member, last season was wrecked for me due to the amount of away days that were moved to a Sunday.

Last season we had just 3 away days on a Saturday, non of which were at 3pm.

I do understand that the Europa League causes some games to be moved – we played 14 times on a Thursday night, but the scheduling of other games away from a Saturday during the 2017/18 season when we were not playing on a Thursday night caused me to fall out of love with the game for a bit.

We have already had Everton at home re-arranged to Sunday 4pw after the first Europa League game. Were this away it would have been nightmare getting back from Liverpool. As it is at home, it is ok.

In fact, all 6 games after the Europa League are actually friendly for the travelling Arsenal fans.

All 3 of the away games are fairly “local”. Two London derbies against Crystal Palace and Fulham, and a quick South-West train journey down to Southampton.

At home, the Spurs game would have been moved anyway.

For the first half of the season, at least, the fixtures list has been kind to Arsenal’s loyal away following


2 thoughts on “Arsenal get friendly Europa League fixtures

  1. HenryBosco

    Hopefully these fixtures does us a whole lots of good eventually. can’t hope for more than a favourable result going into the new season. well let’s just keep our fingers crossed. thanks



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