Ivan Gazidis gone…what now for Arsenal?

Talk on social media is that Ivan Gazidis has decided to take AC Milan up on their job offer in Italy.

So with Gazidis seemingly out the door at Arsenal, what does this mean for the club who recently got rid of their manager for 21 years.

Were it 12 months ago, I would be extremely worried as Gazidis leaving would have empowered Wenger further. But in the last year, the Frenchman has gone, replaced by Unai Emery, and the power shared out with the appointment of Raul Sanllehi.

My theory on the plan is a simple one.

Arsenal will not replace Ivan Gazidis as CEO. We will no longer have one man overseeing the entire operation of the club.

As Head of Football Relations, Sanllehi will have full reign to look after the footballing side of the club. From first team to youth, to transfers and contracts, he will head the team. With the likes of Emery, Sven Mislintat and Hugh Fussey reporting to him.

For the other side of the club – the business and commercial side which Gazidis over saw – we will bring in a big hitter. A Head of Commercial Revenue.

It will be there role to oversee the underperforming commercial department. To bring in new revenue to the club. To oversee the finances of the club.

With the families links to Sports in America, do not be surprised if this is a big NFL hitter.

Knitting it all together will be Josh Kroenke who has taken a much more “hands on” roll at Arsenal in recent months.

As vice-Chairman, he will oversee the monthly board meetings which will become a lot more than the whiskey and cigar club that they are now. It will be up to him to ensure that all sides of the club are working as one with a common goal. Making Arsenal successful.

He will still leave the day to day running of the club to Sanhelli and the new Head of Commercial Revenue, but they will both report to him and he will have the final day on any difficult decisions.

I think we will also see David O’Leary officially join the Arsenal board. The Arsenal legend has been seen in the directors box at nearly every game last season.

Just as Gazidis was showing us what he could do, he is gone.


2 thoughts on “Ivan Gazidis gone…what now for Arsenal?

  1. Uwot?

    Interesting assessment.very plausible & food for thought if it was the direction the club took.i think Ivan “The geezer” gazidis is a bit like the wenger era.hit & miss.



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