Arsenal fans need to “have a little patience”

Manchester City were not going to become a bad team over the summer.

Likewise, after just 8 weeks with his players, Unai Emery was never going to turn us into world beaters.

City broke the Premier League points record in 2018/19, and anyone who watched them demolish Chelsea in the Community Shield would have known they had lost none of their superiority over the rest of the Premier League.

At half time, a chap in front of my in the queue for a beer said “why are we letting a team come to our ground and dominate us”. It showed a lack of respect for City, who will probably dominate all 38 league games this season.

Whilst City might have been without Kevin de Bruyne, Vincent Kompany and David Silva, they were still able to put out the world must expensively assembled defence with Kyle Walker costing more than our entire back back 5.

They also added Riyad Mahrez to a collection of brilliant forward players. Leroy Sane spent the entire game warming up – showing he is missed more by his country than his club.

It has to be remembered it too Pep Guardiola 12 months and £500m to build last years Premier League champions, so anyone who expected Emery to turn Arsenal into a side that could compete with City after 8 months and £70million spent perhaps needed to get a reality check.

The game was not a complete disaster, result withstanding, however their were some valid concerns.

Petr Cech was at fault for the first goal and nearly put a 2nd into his own net. I am not really sure why he started above Bernd Leno.

Another to have a predictably poor game was Granit Xhaka, who also had an average World Cup for Switzerland.

Matteo Guendouzi was fantastic, bar a silly error that nearly cost a goal. And Xhaka has to be worried about both the Frenchman’s ability and that if Lucas Torreira. It would not be a surprise to see both move ahead of the Swiss player as the season go’s on.

It was an error strewn game from Arsenal’s point of view, but you could see the players trying hard to play the game in the new managers vision.

We as fans need to give Emery the time to build the club.

Look at Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool; who is starting his 4th season in the Premier League. Liverpool finished 4th last season, their highest finish under the German. He is yet to win anything in England.

Spurs are the same under Mauricio Pochettino. He is also trophyless.

These managers are still being given the benefit of the doubt behind Manchester City.

I did not expect us to turn big champions overnight. Even competing for the title against a City side who won the league by 20 points last season is a big ask.

Playing against City in his opening game, we were never really going to see how Emery has changed the club.

Up next is Chelsea…


7 thoughts on “Arsenal fans need to “have a little patience”

  1. gunnerbear

    It was a disaster….we we’re not only brushed aside (fair enough by the Champions) but the players we’ve got aren’t up to the job of ‘pressing’ – how long before our keeper thrashes the ball into his own net?

    Our manager seemed utterly shocked by the real pace and power required to win the League…and yet again arseholes like Ozil, Ramsay and the like – the ‘Senior Wasters’ failed to step up.


      1. gunnerbear

        It was an avoidable f78k-up…

        …..PG spent upwards of £500m getting the players together to play to his style….in comparison (for example) we’ve got Ozil (runs away when it gets tough), Ramsay (headless chicken) and our keeper – one kick away from a stunning own goal – yet our new manager chooses to be a total tool and try a passing game….

        …..if we try the same at Chelsea, they’ll mash us as well…

        …..and then maybe we can put to bed the myth that we can – with our current arseholes on the pitch – play a pressing game….when our current failures are plainly not equipped, mentally or physically, to do so.


      2. keenosafc Post author

        We do not have £500m to spend on players…it took Pep £500m and 12 months. Klopp has been at Liverpool for 3 years, Pochettino for 4 years at Spurs

        The fact you are expecting Emery to have his team at 100% after 8 weeks – whilst still saying these guys need time to build – shows every comment of yours is agenda driven claptrap.

        Infact, I doubt you are an Arsenal fan


  2. gunnerbear


    Your comment illustrates the point I was making….that it was idiocy of the first order to try a passing game against the Champions given the shyte we’ve got on the pitch who clearly aren’t up to playing that style of football….

    …do you really want to see PG trying to avoid scoring an own goal every week because he can’t use his feet?

    I’m all for giving UE time…..but not if he keeps up with this level of insanity when it is crystal clear we do not have the players to play the style of pressing game he wants….especially as UE looked stunned at the pace of ‘real life’ Premiership football.

    As to not being an Arsenal fan….if you want to think that fair enough….but you’re utterly wrong.


      1. gunnerbear

        I’m saying the Manager was a bloody fool trying that system against Man City,,,,a team we find tough enough to play against using a ‘system’ that all the players are supposed to be familiar with.

        Even JW (on this very site) makes the comment….

        “Having watched all 5 first team friendlies live, it didn’t prepare me for what was unfolding in front of my eyes. I was shocked to see us playing the ball out from the back, I’d like to think we have been doing this in training, if we did, it certainly didn’t show on the pitch.”

        …so JW is saying UE dropped a right bollock as well by not getting the team right or preparing correctly….is JW getting on the Managers back as well…or just stating an obvious fact?


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