JW Diaries: West Ham, West Ham & Missing a 10-2 win

Last Friday, I made my 4th (Arsenal) visit to the London Stadium to watch Freddie’s U23 team get our first win of the season, beating West Ham 3-2 in the pouring rain.

If you’ve been an away fan or indeed a home fan who sits behind either goal there, you’d know what an unpleasant experience it is. For U23 matches, they only open the Lower Tier of the main stand which means you are closer to the action, you get access to the ‘plusher’ bars and all-in-all a much better way of seeing a match there, I’d recommend it.

Saturday saw me heading to my new pub once again, before watching the first team get their 1st win of the season beating the same opposition at the Emirates, 3-1.

As most of you will know, it wasn’t the best of matches but there was a great 15 minute spell in the 2nd half which was pleasing.

We struggled to get any width, along with losing the ball cheaply meant that yet again the defence where put under pressure with West Ham apparently creating 9 chances!

What also pleased me, as well as coming back from 1-0 down, that the defence and midfield working closer together, also Danny Welbeck getting 15 minutes as sub, scoring a decent goal.

In between both my West Ham matches, I was able to pop down to Hale End as it was a 10:30 kick-off meaning that once a dropped the car off, I had my first beer of the day just before 1:30!

At half time at Hale End, I managed to see 15 minutes of our U16 match against Leicester including a penalty for us making it 1-0; I forgot to ask the latest score as I rushed home, it ended up us winning 10-2!

With no matches until an U23 match on Friday against Tottenham at the Emirates, my week evolves around couple of draws; The Carabao Cup on Thursday followed by the Europa League draw on Friday.

Before venturing to the U23 NLD, it means an afternoon in front of the telly with laptop and mobile on, credit card in hand, planning my latest assault on Europe!

If I survive Tottenham and following my euro trips, I have enough money in my account for petrol, Saturday is either watching the U18s at Cobham against Chelsea or another trip to Hale End followed on Sunday with a trip to Wales where I’m planning on making it home without falling asleep!


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