Aaron Ramsey set to agree new Arsenal contract

In the clearest indication yet that Aaron Ramsey is set to sign a new deal at Arsenal, his agency Avid Sports & Entertainment Group have tweeted a competition to win the Welshman’s shirt.

This follows a day of increasingly cryptic tweets from the recently set up sports agency.

Avid Sports & Entertainment Group we’re established in January this year by Ramsey’s long term agent David Baldwin.

Baldwin left Base Soccer in January 2018 to set up his own company, taking Aaron Ramsey with him. It is not clear if the Arsenal player has a financial interest in the company.

Early talk was that Baldwin was unable to represent any of his former clients for 6 months after leaving Base Soccer due to contractual convenance.

This resulted in Ramsey stalling in a new deal as he wanted Baldwin involved in talks, and to get a commission.

7 months on from him setting up Avid and it seems Ramsey, 27, is now ready to sign his new deal.

Ramsey’s wife, Colleen, is currently 30 weeks pregnant with twins, so it was always unlikely that he would up root his family – which already includes a young son – for a move abroad.

And announcement is expected to be imminent.


4 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsey set to agree new Arsenal contract

    1. Johnno

      He`s our best player which shows where we are right now, unfortunately. Still, this is good news if true, Ive always liked Rambo and think we should build the team around him over the next couple of years. He`s the one player (possibly Aubameyang when he fancies it) who can consistently hurt the opposition. But we just need better players all over the park to be fair.


  1. gunnerbear

    “This resulted in Ramsey stalling in a new deal as he wanted Baldwin involved in talks, and to get a commission.”

    So AR put the interests and wishes of an agent in front of the priorities of the Club….get rid of AR and that would also send out the message to the rest of the non-effort-producing other players like Ozil that no-one is big enough to be booted out.


    1. keenosafc Post author

      The agent is one of his best friends. Had he have signed, the agents fees would go to the company that his mate had fallen out with and left. Its business.



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