Victoria Concordia Crescit – Arsenal awash with positivity


An Arsenal win ✓
A first clean sheet ✓
3 points in the bag ✓
FIVE wins in the row ✓

After that tough start to the season which saw us lose the opening two games to Manchester City and Chelsea, Arsenal are now on a run of 5 wins in a row.

In the league it is 4 wins in a row. Whilst the opposition of West Ham & Everton at home, Newcastle and Cardiff away, might not fill sides with fear, you can only beat what you have in front of you.

To bring things into perspective, Arsenal have not won 4 league games in a row since the back end of 2016/17 when we won the last 5 games of the season.

With Watford (H) and Fulham (A) up next, it is realistic that Arsenal could increase that winning run to 6 Premier League games – the last time we won more than 6 games on the trot was 2014/15.

If you are unable to see the positives in Unai Emery’s Arsenal, I feel sorry for you.

I see people moaning about the poor performance against Everton (we won 2-0!) and about our leaky defence. I see people moaning that Aaron Ramsey had a poor game (he set up both goals) and that Mesut Ozil has been awful (2 goals in his last 3 games).

People are moaning about Petr Cech in goal. Calling him past it. Even though he has actually performed very well this season; and improved on last season under the new coaching regime.

People have moaned about Hector Bellerin playing and Lucas Torreira not playing. They have complained about Unai Emery trying to put Ramsey, Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette into the same team.

I am just fed up with the moaning.

Wenger has gone, Gazidis has gone. We have won 5 games in a row in all competitions. There is plenty to be positive about. Plenty to get excited about.

I am all for constructive criticism – it does baffle me that Everton was the first time Torriera started in the Premier League – but we all demanded change, and we got that change. We should be backing the new mans decisions, even if we might not always agree with them.

I think the issue is some fans have the negativity from the Wenger-era ingrained into them.

They are so used to moaning week in week out that they are no longer able to look at the positives. Their response to beating Everton was not to enjoy the 5th win in a row and the clean sheet, but to highlight the poor performance.

Their glass will always be half empty. Nothing will ever be good enough for them.

They demanded the change, they got the change. Now they have nothing to contribute, bar constant moaning. It is almost like they need the club to be in turmoil to make their opinion relevant. That they are just waiting to stand outside the directors entrance with a bed sheet.

The reality is, if you are not able to get behind the team, the new management, The Arsenal. If you are still pretending to boycott the club, then your “support” is no longer really required. Your negativity not needed.

I am glad you do not go. That you keep your bitterness to Twitter rather than scream obscenities from the terraces.

Victoria Concordia Crescit

Sometimes I feel our fans forget this. That they go out of their way to create disharmony within the club. That they thrive off the negative. That it justifies their existence.

There is plenty to be positive at the moment. Bring on Brentford. Let’s make it 6 wins in a row before the visit of Watford.

Up the Arsenal


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