Wojciech Szczesny, Attendances & Tottenham breach advertising rules

Wojciech Szczesny

Last night against Manchester United, we saw why Arsenal were happy to let him go a few years back – firstly on loan to Roma and then on a permanent move to Juventus.

Capable of unbelievable saves, Szczesny will retire with a magnificent highlights reel. However he has a bloopers reel to match.

A lot was made on him being signed for Juventus to replace the legendary Gianluigi Buffon, but he was actually signed as his number 2.

Since Buffon left over the summer, he has been promoted to number 1.

Playing for Juventus, his flaws are not often exposed. 10 wins and a draw from the 11 games this season, the Old Lady dominate Serie A to the point that I could be in goal and they would still be top.

Every time he pulls out a World Class save, you get Arsenal fans commenting that he is “one that got away”, but as the errors against Manchester United showed, he is still a very flawed keeper.

As Paul Scholes said last night, has he really improved that much since leaving Arsenal?


Every time Arsenal get a sub-50,000 attendance at the Emirates it makes national news.

A lot of fuss was made in 2011 “when only 46,539 fans rocked up to the Emirates” for a League Cup game against Shrewsbury. The lowest attendance at a game at the new ground was then “broken” when 44,064 tickets were sold for another League Cup tie – this time against Doncaster in 2017.

This year we have seen stories about 48,168 and 49,586 going to games against Brentford and Blackpool respectively.

For this reason I am surprised why Tottenham’s attendance against PSV this week has failed to make the news.

Some will say that the capacity for games at Wembley has been capped by Brent Council. However Tottenham announced that all three group stage Champions League matches and the game against Manchester City were to be full capacity.

Their attendances this season make you wonder why they are building a 62,000 seater stadium.

Tottenham breach advertising rules

Whilst I am on about Tottenham, a little bit of humorous news for us all.

We all remember the advertisement campaign that they had running over the summer in Underground stations, trolling fans of Arsenal and Chelsea by declaring that their new ground would be “the only place to watch UEFA Champions League in London”. Well it seems that advert is about to come back and bite them.

Well this has now come to the attention of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) who have concluded that “the ad was likely to have breached advertising rules”.

Up the Arsenal


7 thoughts on “Wojciech Szczesny, Attendances & Tottenham breach advertising rules

  1. John

    If the spud stay awayers are complaining about the difficulty of getting to and from Wembley, imagine what it will be like when, post match, 60,000 descend on shite Hart Lane station! Or they could, of course, take a 30 minute slog to seven sisters tube. Ha ha


  2. JimB

    Three points……

    It should be obvious to anyone with even half a brain that the reason for Spurs’ low attendances (if you can call 47K low) is almost entirely because of the new stadium delay. Spurs fans are sick of Wembley – especially since they are being charged the same huge price for tickets as they would have been had the club already moved to the new stadium. Not to mention that the system for getting replacement tickets for Wembley is unnecessarily complicated.

    Secondly, it shouldn’t be forgotten that, unlike Arsenal, Spurs have always published actual attendances rather than the number of tickets sold. As is quite obvious from a cursory glance during games, Arsenal attendances are often significantly below the published figure.

    Lastly, the Watford Carabao Cup game was at Milton Keynes, not Wembley.


  3. RBS

    You do realise that Spurs are playing at a temporary home – 11 miles from Tottenham & have been for nearly a year & a half?

    Seriously I know as a south London club – Gooners may struggle with geography north of the Thames – but a quick check of the map, would show you where Wembley is in relation to Tottenham.

    Also on the subject of ‘attendance’ quite honestly as has been proven – Arsenal use a very loose description of the word. The attendance last season v BATE was allegedly 54648 – but was actually less than 30,000….


    1. ole

      Lmao what does the geography of the stadiums have to do with this? It not like every spurs fan lives around the shit lane and then have to oh-so-unnecessary go to Wembley to watch the team play. And if the fact that Wembley is a little bit annoying for you lot to go to support your team is true, then you’s lot are even worse of a club. Just face it, you’s are shit – we’ve won more leagues at your own ground than you have.


  4. RigorMortis

    Actually you are wrong you bitter Woolwich cunt
    Amazing even after all these years you still hate spurs more than you love the Woolwich sex offenders

    That IT Helpdesk job must be getting you down

    The Woolwich the worst fans in football
    No passion and just plain old bitter



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