Arsenal should give fans option to donate membership pack to charity

I seem to have this rant every year. And every year it comes later.

Arsenal Membership Packs finally begun to arrive over the weekend, and they are underwhelming at the least.

A cheap feeling scarf and the club Official Handbook.

It has to be the worst membership pack in the history of membership packs.

The “key selling point” and reason for the delays was that each scarf was bespoke, and would have the members initials embroidered on it.

My initials at DK; the scarves initials are GO. So the club did not even get this right.

I do not care for the membership pack. I do not collect the handbooks, and the merchandise is usually not desired.

I can probably cont on one hand how many have been good.

The one with the 89 bottle opener, and a handful with books (So Paddy got up, Invincibles: Inside Arsenal’s unbeaten 2003-2004 season, We All Live in a Perry Groves World and Football Ambassador: The Autobiography of an Arsenal Legend.)

What the club needs to do is simple.

Let the fans know what will be in the membership pack prior to membership renewal time. When you renew your membership, there should be an option to “donate to charity”.

Then all the scarves, snoods, gloves, pin badges and more can be donated to the likes of Great Ormond Street Hospital and other charities.

I am sure a kid in hospital would love an Arsenal scarf. Receiving one would probably give the child temporary relief to whatever ailment they have.

Instead, I have a scarf, and it will just go in the bin with the rest of the membership pack.

Arsenal can do better. They should do better. Give us an option to donate the membership pack to charity.


2 thoughts on “Arsenal should give fans option to donate membership pack to charity

  1. Martin O'Donnell

    I think you have a very good point about offering members the choice. However I think the packs are very good quality and represent the care that Arsenal take in proving good quality products for the members. I have the pack here. The scarf is high quality knitwear and far better than some of the tat sold on Gillespie Road. The book is very well made and some people collect stat books like these, although I will hand it to a young Gooner. You might not care for the stuff put in the packs but many others do like them. But its not right to sat they are tat. If you dont like it, fair enough, you can give it to charity yourself. But I dont understand why you have to slag it off in an ‘Us and Them’ manner. Victory through Harmony.


    1. keenosafc Post author

      Some people will like them, some people wont, which is why there should be an option to donate to charity. so if you like them, you can have it, if you dont, club can save on the environment by not printing the books and donate the merchandise to charity (or donate me £10 to charity)



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