Arsenal DO have money to spend in January

“Arsenal have no money to spend in January” has been continually written this summer by, many journalists. This theory, however, is a miss-truth

Arsenal do have money to spend in January.

In years go by, we have hear Ivan Gazidis say “we are keeping our powder dry”. Last summer we certainly did not keep our powder dry for January. We spent almost every penny that was available.

In total, we spent over £70million. With just a couple of million coming the other in, we had the 4th highest net spend in the league. Only West Ham, Fulham, Chelsea and Liverpool spent more.

Due to a lack of player sales and consistently poor player sales over a long period, Arsenal were unable to generate further funds to buy in more players.

Manchester United, Manchester City & Tottenham all spent less than us once player sales were taken into account.

It should be seen as a positive that Arsenal did not keep some of their summer transfer budget aside to buy someone in January. It meant that we started 2018/19 with the best squad that we financially could.

Despite this, we still have money to spend in January.

Where will this money come from? You ask.

It is fairly simple. We have a budget. We know what money is coming in (commercial revenue, gate receipts, TV money, etc) and what money is going out (wages, player amortisation, running costs of club). It is the money that is in between that determines if you can increase expenditure (buy more players, increase wages) or whether you have to cut costs (sell players).

Arsenal will already know what they have available to buy players in the summer. The money available in January will come from that budget.

What Arsenal need to do, however, is spend sensibly.

Every penny spent in January is one penny less to spend in the summer. That means we need to buy the right the player. Someone who we would have bought regardless of what transfer window it is. What we will not be doing is panic buying. Going for a short term option that then takes out key funds to purchase preferred players.

Lets put it another way.

Say Sven, Raul and Unai have discussed things. They have put £40million aside to buy a central defender.

They will not care if that £40million is spent in January or the summer. What they care about is it is spent on the right player. Someone who will perform in an Arsenal shirt for years to come.

What they will not do is spend £10million on a stop gap defender, who might only be required for 6 months.

This £10million signing would then reduce the budget for the summer. So instead of going for a £40million defender in the summer, we can only go for a £30million one.

So Arsenal do have money to spend this month. It just needs to be spent on the right player; and not a short term stop gap.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal DO have money to spend in January

  1. Sue

    Come on Sven, work your magic!
    No more over the hill, stop gap players.. we need to think of the future (&now) & continue the rebuild….. onwards & upwards COYG


  2. Omar Khadine

    Keenos (Yellow Ribbon),

    Interesting, when I said the same on the 3rd of July in reply to you stating Arsenal fc had No funds available.
    “Omar Khadine 3rd January 2019
    Hmmmm.. sounds like the AFC Board are getting jumpy as the “Arsenal Fans” are Not going to take BS from from AFC any more. As “RT” from AFTV said “why are the fans been milked every year with high season ticket prices and AFC go shopping for players at Primark?” And as “Troops” of AFTV said “We have got the banners coming and Kroenke will feel the heat soon”.

    I have written on facts too. It was July 2018, when AFC, Stan Kroenke having “Sacked Wenger” officially announced that Arsenal only had £50m budget for transfers in that window. Given that Wenger had left a “leaky defence” and all the fiasco with Sanchez and Ozil; Arsenal could not attract a top end manager, not even the choice of Ivan Gazidis because Arsenal needed upwards of £150m to compete for “Top 4 EPL” in the current transfer market.

    Then Gazidis announced that Kroenke had released another £20m and finally Arsenal spent over £72m during that transfer window. Interestingly the “Board of AFC” were chasing “Ousmane Dembele” from Barcelona as Arsenal needed a dedicated top end “Marquee” winger, but Barcelona wanted £109m. Sven Mislintat(head of recruitment AFC), who had arranged Ousmane Dembele transfer to Barcelona and Raul Sanllehi(Head of Football AFC), who came from Barcelona fc used all their contacts and influence and eventually or we were told had agreement with Barcelona for a deal to sign “Ousmane Dembele”; £9m up front and £100m August 2019.

    So, the £20m injection by Kroenke (He was only 67% major share holder at the time) and the £100m deal for Ousmane Dembele in August 2018 all were engineered even before the £300m Adidas contract was completed. So, where was the Money coming from? Creative Accounting?
    The Ousmane Dembele deal fell through; we are told though all the paper work was completed, unfortunately it did not land on the Barcelona executive desk before deadline!

    Now, Stan Kroenke has instructed Unai Emery that he Must get Arsenal in the “top 4 EPL” this season. Brilliant but Emery must have the tools to compete with Man. City, Liverpool, Chelsea. Man. Utd and Tottenham. Stan Kroenke is fully aware of the facts. The facts as we know it are; AFC has £100m (from apportioned for Dembele deal) and £60m from the Adidas contract which is now completed, (i.e.) £160m available for the January 2019 transfer window with some creative accounting and without more Stan Kroenke injections, though Kroenke is now the 100% shareholder of AFC.

    Your article is informing and amusing as it is disinformation engineered to obfuscate and dampen the “Fans Wrath” that will culminate in mayhem and disruption at the Emirates and the fans will withhold their funds from AFC and The Players will have negative mentality and chaos at AFC.. Stan Kroenke only has to give instruction to release the funds available now and Arsenal can sign Nicolas Pepe(winger str), Hakim Ziyeck(attacking MF), Keylor Nevas(GK) and possibly Daycot Upamecano(CB) by selling some of the deadwood at AFC Now.”

    To add further; The Fans of AFC who are being fleeced with the highest fees for tickets and Arsenal products at “Harrods” prices are being served with “Charity Shops” players bar may be 3-4. Stan Kroenke, the 100% owner of AFC has a point. AFC is a legal entity and must function on its own merits as a self sufficient Unit and then directs the Board and Management at AFC “I want the Primary Objective of AFC to be that you end the season as a Top 4 EPL Team” Yes as an accomplished businessman and a $7.8 billionaire(reputedly), he[Kroenke] wants all the extra funds and the kudos from European Championship play. But is this not a “paradoxymoron” ? Kroenke the Billionaire has a sibling who having been at the top of the rostrum is now in the “doldrums” and desperately needs a help in hand in the form of a “loan” to sign a Winger(Nicolas Pepe/Cristian Pavon/Gelson Martins), an Attacking Midfielder(Isco/Hakim Ziyech}, a Centre Back(Kalidou Koulibaly/Eric Bailey), a Left Back(Alex Telles) and a Goal Keeper(Keylor Navas), such that Unai Emery can achieve “Top 4 EPL” this season when your temporary loan can be paid back and AFC will attain Huge Funds fro being in the “ECL”, then as “Del Boy” of “Only Fools and Horses” would say… “EVERY ONE’S A WINNER”.

    Come on boys, Raul Sanllehi(Head of Football), Vinai Venkatesham(Managing Director) and Sven Mislintat(Head of Recruitment), when you have your regular “Video Conferences on WhatsApp” with Stan Kroenke(100% Owner of AFC), force the issue, You only have a few days left in the January transfer Window. Get These Necessary Transfers Done Now and Not in the Summer, as that is Too Late for THIS SEASON!



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