Only fans of The Arsenal could moan when we win….

Saturday we WON and we WON AWAY, something we rarely did last season and had not done in the league since November this. Yet still too many on the social media and some blogs are using it as a stick to beat Unai Emery with.
Now I have the upmost respect to all match going fans, both home, away and the nut nuts who travel to Easten Europen war zones, I tip my hat to you all.
But there seems to be an element that say they are fans of The Arsenal that just can’t stop having a moan up on social media whilst sitting at home watching on a stream.
When chatting to mates who went oop north and seeing their social media; everyone seems happy, if slightly hungover. Very little moaning from the fans that do the miles.
No one is saying we were world beaters against Huddersfield, but a good day out with mates and a win will always trump a good day out and seeing us play well, “entertaining” and lose.
Yes saturdays performance wasn’t a 10/10,  but with 3 of our best defenders out right now and Emery wanting to build from the back we may struggle. With Granit Xhaka out we may struggle. With both Ramsey and Ozil out we may struggle. And with the 2nd highest goalscorer in the league this season out, we may struggle. We struggled, but we won, job done.
That lot up the road were praised for winning games when they had an injury crisis of 3 players. We were without 7.
As a supporter of a certain age I’m kinda used to seeing struggle. I grew up on the football over the 70s and 80s. When we won nothing.
I’m used to seeing us grind out results. I can hand on heart say I’ve enjoyed seeing us get a result we didn’t deserve more than when we turned up and battered sides in the 1st half. That 90th minute winner after a tough game.
Another point is Saturdays starting lineup had 2 London boys who came through the youth ranks in the starting, line up. We also had another 2 sitting in the bench.
Local lads playing might be a mute point to some, but I’m a big lover of seeing them come good.
From my early days watching a young Adams, Rocky, Merson, Thomas, Super Kev etc to Cole and Jack under Wenger. We have a great crop of youngsters right now, who Emery is backing and giving game time too,
I do find the stick the likes of Alex Iwobi and Ainsley Maitland-Niles get on social media very odd. We should be backing our local lads, not going out of our way to abuse and criticise them.
Every right minded fan knew that Emery had a tough job this season.
When he came most most agreed that his minimum target would be to return us to challenging for top 4.
Prior to the Manchester City v Chelsea game, we were 1 point off Manchester United in 4th. We have 5 points more than we did at the same stage last season and should be on course to get over 70 points.
This season made harder by the fact he couldn’t buy this Jan due the rules on increasing the wage bill. It’s been made double hard by the sheer number of players that have had fluke injuries. But yet we are sitting on the coat tails of 3rd and 4th, and have an easier run in then those above.
People are criticising Emery even though he is fulfilling their pre-season expectations.
We all want to see improvement, but only the deluded would think that a squad that spluttered to 6th place last season and got smashed away from home in the Prem would be title challangers in 2 transfer windows. Emery is building a new way of playing, he’s building a new squad and he’s not shy in bringing in the youth.
The damage left by Wenger/Ivan may take 3 years to fix. This summer we could see up to 10 first team squad members leave. Yet some want to give the manager stick after just 26 Prem games, I honestly don’t know what planet there on.
my only theory is that as they didn’t have Emery on their “wanted” list; they now go out of their way to criticise him to prove they were right in not wanting him.
People moaning about % of the ball, Xg Goals, how many more corners they had, how many passes etc. The only stat that matters is who scored the most goals.Theres even the fools that can’t see an improvement on last season. 
I wanted Wenger out for years before he went, I wanted him out as I couldn’t see an improvement, we all watched us slowely spiral downwards. The downward spiral has been stopped, we are heading back up and at the pace to which we went down. If that’s not good enough for some then I feel for you I really do, but I’m sorry we are not gonig to win the Prem this season.
We also have to accept that there are 6 top teams chasing 4 Champions League places. It isn’t as easy as it was in the 00s.
If only those who seem hell bent on moaning at Emery win, lose or draw put more time into moaning about ticket prices, games moved for TV, the cost of trains to and from games and often lack of trains, then we would as fans be a lot better off.
Ignore the moaners – UNAI EMERY’S RED AND WHITE ARMY….

8 thoughts on “Only fans of The Arsenal could moan when we win….

  1. Carl Shadbolt

    I agree and like this article, giving local lads a chance is in the Arsenal DNA and has been part of it for decades, I would love to say Iwobi is good enough or Maitland is the answer to all our problems but the truth they aren’t. What really did Iwobi do during the game bar the deflected goal which would have been easily saved if not deflected. He missed two chances before that and missed two passes that should of lead to goals. I am not here to crucify either of them but they both have a long way to go before they are the answers to our problems. Iwobi for me needs to slow things down in his head when on the ball and not just run with the ball he needs to let the ball do the work more by looking for a give and go or a slicing pass !! He needs to refrain from just running and then shooting !!He needs to lift his head up and have a look around him… Liike i say i am not here to destroy the young players just saying my two pennies worth for what its worth…. Maitland has the same problems as Iwobi and most of it can be put down to wanting to impress and inexperience. Personally i think before would benefit from loans and possibly should of gone instead of reiss Nelson and Smith Rowe who the first has benefited from his loan deal. Iwobi needs to loan to make him see it from others point of view. He needs to know what is meant in helping the team and for the team only..The Experience he would gain from going to a team fighting to survive would be so benefical for the Arsenal when he came back to the team… Its ok trying to blood youth at the highest level but in many cases it hits the team hard. I know we havent got the personnel in the team for such luxuries at the moment but in an ideal world these young players would be used and blooded every now and then not every week !!


  2. Godonga

    Will written, your experience as a Gunners oozes effortlessly. Whats worse, the Mancs and Spuds are stuttering through some games and do not get as much flack as Emery’s Armory. I have no doubt we will clinch 4th or 3rd place. Thanks for the chin-up!!! Gunner for Life!


  3. adrian

    Emery is only trying to plot a way forward in a transitional season under the new fiscal policy of ‘silent stan’. When he gets the chance to improve the defence and strengthen the squad generally, results will improve. Unai may not stay at the club very long but he deserves support nonetheless.


  4. Kobie Fourie

    I agree whole heartedly with this article as far as backing our youngsters and Umery are concerned. What i dont agree with is this anti/pro Wenger centiment who still survice (also very strongly in this article) and now spill over also to an anti/pro Umery centiment. Please let Wenger rest now and let the new chapter unfold. We will stay a devided and self aflicting Arsenal as long as we dont get this right.


  5. WGC Goon

    Emery needs TIME, if anyone thinks he can right the ship overnight then they’re deluded. If we can finish in the top 4 at the end of this season then he has performed a minor miracle, the team has inherited flaws and we’re coping with lots of injuries yet we’re still in the mix for a CL spot. Well done Unai, you’re doing a great job!


  6. BOT

    Excellent article friend, but I reckon it would’ve hit home more if you had left Wenger out of the argument. By all means you can compare some games or money spent to other seasons, results and what not, but for some people Wenger has done too many good things for this club, so if people wanted to find an out for your theory then they’ll likely find it easily. One could be that if Wenger still had the support of the fans then that dip you speak about may never have occurred, as his consistency was unrivaled. The piece ends up becoming something it wasn’t meant to be. Everything you said on our fans and on Emery was very well said and true to the point. I wouldn’t let all of our match going fans off the hook so easy though, I speak and listen to some of these quite regularly, and they too can be some of the most toxic around.


  7. TIKPO

    Precisely my sentiments BOT. This well written piece just got spoiled by the reference to Wenger. The man is gone. Can we let him enjoy his….. whatever he does?


  8. michaelcgriffin

    Well written and empathetic and intelligent. Maybe not everyone can appreciate it but there are several points well made. We mustn’t be like Tottenham who I’ve heard so many criticising there own. We should really get behind this team and our manager. And FairPlay if he can bring in more through the ranks.



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