Mesut Ozil to follow Ramsey out of The Arsenal?

The not so secret  big news broke yesterday that Aaron Ramsey is departing at the end of the season for Juventus.

Ramsey is reportedly getting a bumper wage of anything from £250,000-400,000 a week depending on who you wish to believe and if that’s before or after tax. Either way its a shedoad of money. That not only sets him up royally for life it also sets his kids and grandkids up, so fair play to him for that.

Ramsey’s agents have played a blinder. The final contract from The Arsenal was taken off the table a few months ago after over 18moths of negioations. It was very clear that Ramsey had no intentions of signing the contract, despite having “agreed” it.  I dont really blame him when you look at what Mesut Ozil is getting. The rumoured £200k deal is a lot less than he has ended up getting at Juventus.

For Juventus it’s a no-brainer, they are getting a great player for a max of £20m a season including his wages, its like they signed a £60m player paying him £200k a week, something The Arsenal will have to be looking to do this summer if we want to challenge higher up the table next season. There was no way in the world we could’ve matched the money Juventus are paying out.

Emery clearly has a way of playing in his mind and the type of players he needs. Some thought it would often be a choice of Ramsey or Ozil as the false number 10 this season, but often Emery has dropped both even when fully fit.

It seems the decision to either get Ramsey on a wage that wouldn’t slaughter our already too high wage bill or let him go was taken. I wouldn’t be shocked to see more stories about Ozil leaving to a number of sides in the gutter press and click bait junkies from now until the end of the season.

The sad truth is we need to lower the wage bill to rebuild and Ozil is not worth his huge £350k wages. He has recently crossed a barrier meaning he has missed more games than he has played at The Arsenal.

Right now I wouldn’t give Ozil a monkey a week and all the flat whites he can drink, let alone almost the price of a nice 2 bed flat in Islington per week.

If Emery does not fancy Ozil, we need to get shot and use his wages elsewhere. The £18.2m a year tied up in him could finance a deal for a £50m signing; paying £157k a week. Our outgoings would be the same but emery would be able to recruit someone more suitable to his system.

The rules on increased wages is a burden to us right now. We are miles ahead of the FFP rules and will be further in front come the new commercial deals this summer – which will increase club income by over £40million a year.

We have plenty of cash in the bank and this is before the Champions League places are sorted for next season. But the rule stating that wage costs can only increase by £7m a year will hinder Emery’s plans.

Arsenal are able to get around this rule if they show where additional income came from – and we did in 2017/18 increase the wage bill by £24million. However, the club’s latest financial figures showed the club’s revenue was down more than £40m to £388.2m for the year ending May 31, 2018.

For this season, revenue is likely to remain the same or show another slight drop. It would have been hard for the club to justify a wage increase above £7m this season taking into account the lack of player sales.

With Petr Cech hanging up his hat and Ramsey leaving, Arsenal will also release Danny Welbeck and Stephan Lichsteiner this summer. That will free up around £400,000 in weekly wages – or £20m a year. You add the £7m we can increase under FFP and we are talking about over £500,000 in freed up wages.

That should be more than enough to purchase the central defender, left back, winger and central midfielder (Ramsey replacement) we need.

If we can get all or part of Ozils wages off the books then it really does open things up for Emery to get in more of his players and hopefully a few fit defenders.

As for Ramsey I guess if you call him a legend or not is up to you. A bit like labelling a player “world class” it is subjective. There is no set criteria.

He came back from a very bad leg break, he scored 2 FA Cup winning goals, has been a model pro and father on and off the pitch. Him going over to the Cardiff fans recently shows he’s not forgotten his roots and he is clearly a proud Welshmen.

Will he be missed and still loved as much as when Brady moved to Juventus? Probably not. But fair play to him he is moving abroad and to one of the games greatest ever clubs.

If we play Juventus I would certainly afford him a clap onto and off the pitch, whilst hoping he has a stinker for 90mins.

Hopefully next season when we are in the Champions League, Matteo Guendouzi does to Ramsey what Cesc Fabregas did to Patrick Vieira in 2005.

Ramsey has had 11 years playing for The Arsenal, something we would all sell our Nan’s to do. A lot more have done a lot less for the club and got more credit. I am very sure he will do his best, when picked for the rest of the season. In a game of ego’s and selfish players,  he has kept his head down during his career, not courted limelight or controversy, and is one of life’s gentlemen.

Good luck Ramsey.


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