Contradictions over Arsenal transfer £40m budget and potential targets

This morning I begun chucking uncontrollably to myself.

I was scrolling through Arsenal news updates to see if anything was happening in the world. It wasn’t. Just the usual websites linking us with the usual players in the hope of generating clicks and revenue. And then it hit me.

Over the last few weeks, pretty much every British media outlet has run with the story that “Arsenal have just £40million to spend this summer”. This has got a lot of fans knickers in a twist as blogs have repeated the unfounded claims.

And then we have headlines this week:

“Arsenal chase £70 million rates Wilfried Zaha”
“Arsenal and Tottenham in race for £58 million Barcelona star”
“£43m Atletico star EXCITED at prospect of Arsenal move”
“Gunners make contact for €80m man”
“Arsenal’s defensive pairing could be one of best in PL if £40.5m-rated rock joins”

So on one hand, we have the British media saying we only have £40million to spend; and on the other hand they are linking us with transfers in excess of £40million.

What it highlights is that

  1. The media do not really know what is happening at The Arsenal
  2. They will publish anything that gets them clicks
  3. They will write contradictory articles within hours of each other for those clicks

So you could have John Cross write an article at 10am on a Monday about Arsenal having just £40million to spend, and then 3 hours later the same journalist publishing a story about how Arsenal are going to spend £45million on Atletico Madrid’s Thomas Partey.

The only way the media will ever stop with this is if we, the consumer, stop clicking.



7 thoughts on “Contradictions over Arsenal transfer £40m budget and potential targets

  1. gunner

    Ironically, this was as big a click-bait article as the ones mentioned by you. I thought you would have a story atleast…


  2. Dami

    I don’t disagree that most artoicles are click bait. However, I think it’s fair to say those same journo’s have already come up with a magical ‘£100m’ ‘war chest’ if we win next Thursday. You could also argue that in the market of £80m players, £100m is not so much a war chest…


  3. Janys Mahoney

    Media bias as usual. Trying t slander us, in hope it ll make SPURDS beta. No chance.. London will ALWAYS be red. Ifnot Blue, Chelski.
    SPUrds r losers.
    Clickbait is t the end.
    How many players genuinely want to play f Spuds
    At least we have AUBA, YICECH, TIERNEY, ZAHA.. Carrassco, whether we get them. U like SPUrds, who get… drum roll)) ===JACK CLARKE, NUFF SAID



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