Arsenal Azerbaijan Supporters Club guide to Baku

Arsenal Azerbaijan Supporters Club (AASC) is welcoming Gooners traveling to Baku for UEL 2019 Final.

Here you will find basic information for frequently asked questions (content will be continuously updated).

Is AASC organizing a meeting point where Gooners coming for The Final will have chance to meet and spend some time together before the game?

Yes. AASC has agreed with one of the best and largest brewery restaurants in Baku City to host us on 29th of May. Restaurant will be serving Arsenal supporters from 2pm in the afternoon (kitchen will be open after 3pm). It is easy to reach the brewery from any part of Baku City. As well, it is easy to reach The Stadium from this restaurant (see Transportation section below)

Address: Baku, Khatai district, Khagani Rustamov Street, Paulaner Baku (behind Amay Shopping Center)

Location (coordinates): Lat: 40.380853, Long: 49.879196,

Transportation to The Stadium

We agreed with two taxi companies to support us with transportation to The Stadium from our meeting point.  See the route here

Taxi Option 1 is provided by The Brewery (Paulaner). There will two car types:

  1. a) AZN7 with maximum four (4) passenger sits,
  2. b) AZN14 with maximum eight (8) passenger sits.

Indicated prices are for the car, so if you share a car you will divide price by number of travelers (e.g. 7:4=1.75AZN per person).

Taxi Option 2 is provided by the biggest taxi company in the City “189 Taxi”.

You may purchase your transportation via whatsapp number +994 (55) 225-0-189 or just dial 189 via local mobile number. There is free WiFi Network in the restaurant. Operator will answer you in English, Russian, and Azeri (Turkish) with assigned car details and price after your confirmation. A regular sedan car will cost you around AZN6 if regular route is open, or around AZN15 if main road is closed and alternative routes are used.

Make sure that you have some cash and order taxi in prior.

Attention for the Gooners travelling in groups. If you need to reserve a bus type transport for travel (8, 18, 40 sits) from the meeting place, please inform till 26th of May, so that we could align with the service providers and make reservations for you!

!!Please keep in mind that AASC has no commercial interest in any of the planned events. Our intention is to ensure that Gooners will have a smooth and joyful stay at our beautiful city. We hope that our positive mood and energy will help The Team to win!!

When shall we leave the bar and head to The Stadium?

The Gates are open at 8pm local time. Opening ceremony will start around 10:30 pm.

Game starts at 11pm local time.

We expect that traffic on the roads around the stadium will be congested (or limited by local authorities) after 9pm.

We highly recommend starting your travel to the Stadium at 8pm and earlier, no later than 8:30pm (from the meeting place). Otherwise, you may face traffic jams, congestion on the entrance to The Stadium, etc.

Stadium Amenities, Food, Drinks

Food and drinks (including beer) are available inside the stadium (prices in the fan zones may be higher than in general zones).

There is no free WiFi.

There are many rest rooms inside the stadium.

Mobile / Cellular Network (Roaming?)

You may buy SIM cars from local mobile operators in The Airport for the prices starting around 15azn including several gigabytes data bundles.

For those who prefer to roam, all 3 mobile operators operate modern LTE networks, so there is not big difference among them, check the prices with your home provider.

Transportation from The Stadium

It is not yet clear what will be transportation options from The Stadium, but usually there free public buses parked close to the stadium that will go to various city points, underground Koroglu station is close to the stadium (congestion is expected during 1st hour in all directions).

After-party. Shall we have a meeting place after the game is over?

No matter what results is, we believe this a big achievement for The Club and great event for every Gooner coming to Baku. AASC may organize after-party event in the same brewery or somewhere in the city center if we receive fair number of requests by 26th of May.

Looking for support or have any other questions?

AASC is open to support you. Please address your queries to the FaceBook group. Someone will always answer.

Should you have any urgent or important issues please contact below numbers via whatsapp (preferable) or voice calls in English, Russian, and Turkish:




Best regards,

Arsenal Azerbaijan Supporters Club Administration Member

2 thoughts on “Arsenal Azerbaijan Supporters Club guide to Baku

  1. Larry Shaw

    I have 4 Category 1 seats available for tomorrows final at a cost of 90 euros each but I will accept £75 each for them. They are long side block 501 central row 22 gate 3 they are on my phone so can transfer immediately once funds transferred to me



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