Tottenham Hotspur, We are laughing at you

So yesterday, Tottenham Hotspur announced their 3rd manager in under a year. And how they celebrated. It was as if they had won the Champions League (you have not, Gareth Bale plays for Real Madrid now, he does not care about you). Mauricio Pochettino will be the 11th different permanent Spurs manager that Arsene Wenger has faced. And I see no reason why he will not see his latest challenger off, despite the reported 5 year contract.

You see, Mauricio Pochettino is not a great manager, despite the hype. You only have to look at his history, firstly at Espanyol, then at Southampton.

Firstly at Espanyol, he did not exactly work miracles. With a win percentage of just 32.92%, he left them bottom of Li Liga with 9 points from 13 games. At Southampton, whilst an 8th place finish does look miraculous, a win percentage of 38.33% is not so. It perhaps indicates how poor the lower half of the Premier League was last season.

Add in the fact that he came into Southampton with a very good set up, and a lot of very good players in place, mid table was their par finish. With 2 mid table finishes at both Espanyol and Southampton, it is clear he is a mid table manager. Looks like Spurs are finally realising their level – although the fans need to catch up, they are claiming they will launch a title challenge next season.

Of course, with a new manager comes the theory that he will bring across a whole host of players who performed well at his previous club. This is rarely true. And anyway, whilst Southampton have some good players, they were only players good enough to get them to 8th. There main talent, Luke Shaw, will surely aim higher than Spurs. Adam Lallana is overpriced at £25m. Jay Rodriguez is out until Christmas. Rickie Lambert is 32. I would be very surprised Spurs can attract any of these.

Remember, Tottenham need to sell to buy. They are currently hamstrung financially by the planning of their new stadium. You only have to look at the last 5 years to see the precarious situation they are in financially:

2009/10 – £1,000,000 profit
20010/11 – £17,500,000 loss
2011/12 – £27,000,000 profit
2012/13 – £1,300,000 profit
2013/14 – £9,800,000 profit

So the deluded Spurs fans, who are sitting their expecting Pochettino to come waltzing in and have £50m to spend on new talent are misguided. He will have to sell before he can buy. And Spurs do not really have much in the cupboard to sell. Last year was the big roll of the dice, bringing in £113,500,000 in sales, it allowed them to spend over £100,000,000, but they bought duffs. They would recoup less than half of that if they were to sell all the players they bought last year.

So Spurs, you are behaving like the court jester once more. Talk of a title challenge, talk of new players, next season, you will be where you always are, mid table.


36 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur, We are laughing at you

  1. Ron

    What an odd article

    I’m a Spurs fan and most of us are deeply sceptical about Poch.

    None the less, will give him my full support.

  2. Alan Dean

    What an arsehole and i always thought it was us Spurs fans that had the fixation with you lot all the time.

    PS Don’t believe 5th and 6th places are actually mid-table but proves waht an total utter bell-end you really are

  3. birdcage

    Quite a pointless article. Don’t you have anything interesting to write about your own team? You’re obviously one of ‘stand up if you hate Tottenham’ intellectuals.

  4. LRob

    As a Saints fan, Poch proved himself he be a very good manager and implement his philosophy of football almost instantly on the team.

    His Espanyol, record is actually very good given the fact that he had to use youngsters as the board repeatedly sold their best player and kept them up for two years before finally leaving the club under “mutual circumstances”. I was skeptical when he was installed as manager but given his record at the club it was good and he secured our highest point tally in the premier League, no mean feat considering it is our second season in the Prem (since promotion).

    This article is quite inflammatory and you have made several sweeping generalisations.

  5. Giveitarest

    Why are arsenal fans so bothered by spurs all the time? Spurs fans celebrated like winning the champions league??? Wtf?? Where? When??

    Must make you feel better though so good on you.

    Wengerout and all that rubbish.

    Amazingly odd article.

  6. Marc Cobbledick

    Sour grapes?
    If you know your football then you would know that Martinez had a mid to low 30%win rate before he moved to Everton and Rogers had a 32% win rate. There not doing to bad now they are at a better and bigger team.
    Where did you get your figures from? First after spending 100k we still came out in the black. Then we have a reported up to 20m from real for bale and modders as they won the champs.
    And to be honest I don’t Believe that we need much anyway. We need a left back and a left winger and a new centre back. He will get soldado, paulinio and lamela playing well. Then add our fantastic youth. He will be a success but you may struggle with no poch no shaw no Lallana and then add Rodriguez. Even though you seem like a sour idiot I do like the club and fans. I hope that you reinvest the money and come back stronger. Just don’t employ Sherwood. Any team spirit will be gone.

  7. Dave Walters

    What a waste of ink! You brought boredom to a whole new level. If that is the most interesting observation you can make about THFC, do everyone a favour and keep it to yourself. Yawn ….

  8. pppp

    I dont know anyone who has said we will win anything next year, ive heard no celebrations like you talk about either. Mostly we are cautiously waiting to see what loch will bring. As for being mid table team,perhaps you should go and look at our finishing positions over the last 5 years to help yourself out a bit. We dont really get many west ham articles written by spurs fans. Most of us dont really think abut you until we have a game against you. Our rivals are arsenal you guys are pathetic with your dislike of us and biased bitter articles written by fan boys like you only go to prove it hahaha.

  9. Big Fish

    Utterly hilarious. 1) I don’t know ANY Spurs fans who celebrated this appointment. 2) Whydo some Arsenal fans, like yourself, behave like an old lady twitching her curtains, spying on the poorer neighbours next door? 3) Your win % argument is spurious at best. Martinez took Wigan down but looked pretty good when Everton gave Arsenal an utter spanking at Goodison. I bet the writer of this article doesn’t even live in the UK, probably lives in Indonesia, and has certainly never actually been to a North London derby. Just a guess, but my hunch is you care more about News Now clicks than your beloved team.

  10. Fordy

    Another Saints fan here. I think MP is a very good coach and very good at working with players on the training field and developing them.

    I don’t think he is a great manager. He rarely changed games with great changes or tactical switches and the amount of times we went ahead and failed to close the game out is worrying.

    His tactics were very one-dimensional and predictable. I am not sure he has what it takes to make it at the top level. Add to that he has no interest in the fans or building any rapport with them so he may not be given a huge amount of time by the WHL faithful.

  11. Alex

    Jealous much?

    Do you actually follow social media? I think to say spurs fans are celebrating like they won the champions league is just a lie, the majority of fans think he is the wrong choice and wanted De Boar or Benitez but you print what you want.
    Are these celebrations like the emphatic FA Cup win this year reminicent of the legendary emirates cup victory of 2010!

    Btw ‘the she wore a yellow ribbion’ thing is incredibly embaressing, please keep going with it 😉

  12. edgur 0912

    Article written by a deluded tosser ! supporting a South London outfit whose players have nothing better to do than goad Spurs supporters, instead of trying to win something that is currently going to be out of their reach for many years Champions League “your having a laugh”. Time for a Selfie girlies.

  13. CROTCHettino (@MrOKanenas)

    Ironically, I agree – THFC have been punching well above their weight and competing with Arsenal – they shouldn’t be anywhere near 4-6th but are.
    Conversely, with the revenue and stadium size, Arsenal have punched well below their weight and under-achieved, crawling over the finish line to a weakened Hull team in their first trophy win for nine years.

    Put that way, look in the mirror – you may be laughing at yourselves and you’re only getting worse.

    1. Dominic

      If you ever get the new stadium built you will see what kind of burden it places on the resources needed to field a top 4 team. As for getting worse we were closer to the title this year, and we won the cup (the real one that is). If that’s getting worse then I can only hope we get more worse next season.

  14. Whydontyougetagrip

    The author of this article thinks he’s being clever by showing his contempt for Spurs. Why doesn’t he simply write about his own team instead of bothering about others? What a bellend.

  15. FatherJack

    Your joking, people are laughing at Spurs? Off course they do just like a lot of people laugh at the Woolwich Wanderers. How do you celebrate a new manager like you’ve won a trophy? Have spurs cleared a space in the cabinet for him to sit in? I always thought 10th place was mid-table.You’ll find a lot of Spurs fans are waiting to see how he does and not getting too excited. The most excited I’ve seen Woolwich Wanderers fans this season was when they beat Spurs, not in the Premier League but the FA Cup. Shows how desperate to win a trophy you lot were. When you won it I had to look at the table and check the fianlists for the Champions League because I swore you lot hadn’t won the title or were in the final but the reaction of your fans was like they had and were.

    I guess the Woolwich Wanderers fans use Spurs to hide their own failings for their own team. Once one of the big boys, an unbeaten season and now scraping Top 4 all under the same manager. Spurs were poor this season and it still took your ‘superior’ team two games to confirm 4th place against us. I’ve never seen a team under the same manager declare a new era. PMSFL. Must be easy being Wenger and the players, Woolwich Wanderers fans are so easy to fool. Lose to Aston Villa and not spent a penny in the transfer window lets splash out over £40m on a player that for that price failed and people are laughing at. (Yes Spurs have wasted money but we know that). Failed for another season (based on the old Arsenal) so the players have to join in with the banter on Twitter and even an England International and father of small children has to resort to swearing and chanting. Fans laugh and get excited about them forgetting that Chelsea and Man City have pulled away and you lot are very average for a supposedly big boys team.

    Even the fans now love the prick Piers Morgan with his comments yesterday, shows how many idiots there are. One thing I will give you lot , I love the Olympic spirit you lot show for the Champions League, it’s not the winning it’s the taking part. At least the European section of the trophy cabinet can be filled with the Emirates Cup and the 4th place cup you make yourselves.

    1. Dominic

      No we don’t all love Prick Morgan. I suppose it’s part of that view that everything in life balances out good and bad. Having Piers Morgan as a supporter counter balances having Arsene as manager.

  16. Ag

    Arsenal…..Arsenal……Arsenal…..COYG….victory at the lane next season and the year to watch out for the mighty mighty gunners

  17. healthystaff

    There seem to be an awful lot of Spurs fans reading and commenting on this. As an Arsenal fan, I would never read a Spurs blog, let alone comment. Just a bit weird really……

  18. ND

    Tottenham fans are conversely laughing at Arsenal fans. I have great respect for the club but you’re being constantly fleeced by the club in return for a single FA cup in 9 years.

    Tottenham do have their issues but we should be getting further installments of the Bale money plus much higher TV money than Arsenal experienced during their stadium building.

    When you consider all the new players we bought it was unsurprising they didn’t gel.

    However, with regards to a new player being poor at first….Koscielny anyone?

    Tottenham admittedly could have a poor season but there are actually quite a few possibilities it won’t.

    The only fear I have is the 50m will actually be a Lloris sale

  19. jamie

    Oh wow. There’s awful articles and then there’s awful articles.

    Tell me what Martinez and Rogers’ win ratios were at Swansea and Wigan (ie comparable teams)? Funny enough they were less than Pochettino’s.

    You also failed to mention that his final year at Espanyol was under the threat of administration and all their best players were sold off. And before that he guided them from relegation into mid table safetly.

    Southampton were hanging just above relegation before he arrived, so it wasn’t as rosey as you make out.

    We are pleased about the appointment, and rightly so. We have a manager that we can believe in. I’m not sure why others would be laughing at that?


  20. jim

    Lallana overprced at £25mil?? Didn’t he make the PL team of the year? How much did you pay for Ozil?? LOL.

  21. abe

    i think as an Arsenal fan you need to review your team. In Champions League every year for who knows how many years, nice big stadium., stable manager – yet how far in front on Spurs are you. You guys have gone from being “invincibles” to a bunch of people (and now not just fans, bit also players) who are happy to finish above Spurs
    For Spurs – yes this is the Spurs. We don’t do stable. Our off field dramas are often more exciting than on field. It is just part of our DNA. As for the new manager, well van Gaal would have been great. Other than that there is not a lot of other options. We were not going to get any manager coaching the current top 5 to join us. You are then left with teams below us, and managers outside England. So this leaves you with Poch, De Boer, maybe Benitez. De Boer has won lots, but no PL experience. Benitez ticks experienced, won lots – but not sure if wanted to leave Napoli, and his playing style might have been an issue. So we are left with someone who does have 18 months PL experience, and who has never had the chance to coach a team with the current abilities. We will just have to wait and see.. We also have 7 players who have not spent a season adapting to the country and league. I like what I saw at Southampton in terms of how they played, and if can implement that at Spurs with better players, who knows

  22. Ben

    I love how fixated you are on Spurs – have you really got nothing better to do than write about rival clubs?! And, if the answer really is ‘no’, as it seems to be, then you’d think you might engage your brain before actually typing (assuming you have one…which is up for debate).

    1. I’m not sure where you got that Spurs fans celebrated! Many of us are quietly confident with the appointment, but I don’t know any Spurs fan who has been ecstatic with the appointment.
    2. You make statements without any thought to the context. Espanyol were in danger of relegation when he took over. He took them to the brink of Europe and only fell back down to the bottom half (two seasons later) when the chairman sold every single one of their best players due to financial difficulties. On to the Saints who – two years ago – were in the championship. They were 3pts off relegation when he took over in February, and he took them to 14th. This year, with only Lovren and Wanyama coming in, he took them to 8th. He can work with players and get them playing as a team – Spurs have better players than Southampton.
    3. We have made a profit every season to pre-fund the stadium – we’re planning to do it with a lot less borrowing than you did. But if you knew anything about the EPL you’d know a new TV deal came in this year, and we have players to offload. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have at least £50m to spend.

    You’ve missed your calling as a village idiot.


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