Wengers £24 million signing

Well seems our beloved leader has landed himself a new 3 year deal, the only shock in this is the timing I firmly believe this was signed and sealed about 6 months ago. This new deal will take us to May 2017 with Mr Wenger and will mean he will last 20 years as manager of our great club.

“I want to stay and to continue to develop the team and the club. We are entering a very exciting period. We have a strong squad, financial stability and huge support around the world. We are all determined to bring more success to this club”

That comment by Mr Wenger on arsenal.com along with others by Sir Chips and Lord Kroenke of Denver was carefully scripted and was keen to highlight the achievements made by Mr Wenger, even if all but one of those were years ago,

Personally I think that Mr Wenger and the club have made a mistake in giving him another 3 years. Winning the oldest and greatest cup competition in the world would of been a fitting and graceful way to bow out with pride and dignity intact for all concerned. I love the FACUP and for Mr Wenger to win it 5 times now is an outstanding achievement, But due to people like Swissramble (on twitter) , the AST and by simply reading The Arsenal’s accounts lot’s more transfer money was available in the last 4 windows which if spent wisely could of lead us to even greater success.

The FACUP final weekend was a great party it reminded us what it was like to be winners again and that’s what a football club should be about, doing it’s best to win things. Most clubs spend every available penny they have in the pursuit of glory, some clubs even spend money they haven’t earned but not us. We have massively underspent for a number of years now whilst seeing membership and ticket price increase. We have a bank balance and profit margin that even banks could only dream of.

When A fresh faced relatively unknown outside of France and Japan manager arrived in 1997 he  took the English game by storm, he extended the careers of the famous back 5 that Mr Graham put together by using the latest innovations and tactics in the game. Mr Wenger is 64 years old now and will be 67 by time this contract is up, now Mr Wenger has always had his own theories on age and has a long history of either moving players on once they reached 30 or only giving them yearly contracts, he knows everyone but himself has a sell by date. This would of been the ideal time for a new fresh faced man with new fresh ideas to take us onto the next level.

Anyways that’s my 2 penny’s on the subject, yes I am very grateful for what Mr Wenger has done for the club and him staying on will make no difference to how I support the team on the day, but I just wish he would of gone out a winner.


9 thoughts on “Wengers £24 million signing

  1. greg

    Surely Wenger is getting old and we can questionned his capacity, sometimes some moves were weird enough, BUT because there is a but, if you fancy talking about offloading Wenger, then you got to talk about possible replacement, it’s easy to say, offloasd that guy, get rid of this one, but the true competition is to find a guy that can give at least the same results and right now around the world, I only know one name, yet still need to prove himself in a big league, he done well this season, let’s see what he will do the next couple of season. Find who am I talking about!! (btw, he is french too)

    1. machigura

      What we want is stability in the club and the team. Arsene Wenger will do very well as he promised this coming season. Sometimes we have to believe in him, he is a man of his words and he knows English football very well. A lot of people might blame Arsenal and Wenger, but the truth is there for anyone with an OPEN MIND to judge him, since 2005 when Arsenal last won the tryphy. They were financial complications and people do not put that in consideration. Arsenal is now regarded as one of the biggest club in the world because of Arsene Wenger WHO CREATED THE MOVE, which most of the coaches that people talk of have never archived that kind of archivement, as they depend on spending money from year to year trying to buy trophies with millions and they failed. He intiated the Emmerates Stadium and Arsenal is now generating money like any other big clubs in the world, which was not the case if Wenger did not initiated the building of the Emmerates Stadium. Since the club was paying for their Debt for ground, they resorted to selling players, but now they have archived their mission, WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM, they will compete with any team or club in the world. Now they can compete to buy the most expensive players and with the FIFA FAIR PLAY RULE, we will see Arsenal improving from time to time, and in few years they will be one of the biggest club in the world. Now they want to buy maybe three or four quality players, to make sure there is stability and quality in the team. Lets wait and see, but I have always have confindence in Arsene Wenger, he has a vision unlike any other coaches who always ask for million instead of looking on how the club can generate REVENUE. These days we need a coach with a vision who also groom young players for the future, because the club cannot depend on buying year in year out. There is a time clubs should groom players of their own, from young age to senior LEVEL and Arsenal always do that.

  2. Josie Boxer

    Agree with your piece entirely. We have to move on from AW at some point and for me right now would have been the time to do it. I believe there are several managers who could freshen things up, however addressing the clubs fiscal policy and philosophy is, I believe, far more important; are we a bank or a football club? The last 9 years suggest the former….

  3. Amos

    “….lot’s more transfer money was available in the last 4 windows which if spent wisely could of lead us to even greater success.”

    Depends what you call lots. Even those you refer to wouldn’t have put it much more than about £60m. £60m extra spending over two seasons? Would we have achieved more with that? £100m over one season didn’t do much for Spurs. In any event we’ve spent more over the last 3 seasons than the previous 8 seasons combined – and we’ve still got that £60m and maybe now a few million more to spend over upcoming windows. Maybe the wisest thing is to spread the spending over a few windows more than just the previous 4.

      1. Amos

        Maybe, maybe not. Higuain didn’t do any better at Napoli than Giroud did for us. Cavani, in a much softer league not really better than Giroud did either. Falcao? Not really. I guess Chelsea thought spending £50m on Torres would have bought them someone better than Giroud too. In any event there’s still no guarantee that it would have changed anything and perhaps we wouldn’t have been able to buy any one for £60m in the last few transfer windows better than we could buy in the next few. It’s always best to buy when you can get what you want.

  4. paci

    GK Szczesny.RB Aurier,CB Per,CB Koscielny,LB Gibbs,CM Ramsey,CM Fabregas,LW Di Maia,AMC Ozil,RW Cuadrado,ST CF Hulk.and not only Premier but champions will earn


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