Arsenal – You’re a Disgrace

This morning there are a lot of angry Arsenal fans waking up. And they have every right to be furious with the club. The recently unjustified 3% ticket rise is still raw in people’s minds, the condescending email to season tickets about the Bayern Munich game, has now been followed up by the realisation that we will not be signing anyone in January. The divide between club and fans has never been as wide.

The 3% ticket rise sickened a lot of fans. After the increase in TV money and the clubs bumper new agreements with Emirates and Puma, plus the new commercial deals we seem to be unveiling on a regular basis, there was no need for it. The club was due to increase revenues by nearly £100m next year. Why hit the fans with a 3% rise?

Following this up was the news about Bayern Munich. We all knew that the game would be Cat A, but it was the tone of the email that got up many people’s noses. When in the email the club failed to mention prices, it was clear they were hiding their shame at charging £62 minimum for a ticket. Arsenal have been made to look worse by Bayern Munich subsidising their away fans for the game.

The episode also showed how little influence fan groups have on the club, and how little the club really cares about them. Despite all groups – RedAction, AISA, AST & BSM – agreeing on an open letter written to the club, the club has gone against the suggestions and done what is best for them, not what is best for the fans.

Finally we move onto the January transfer window. It shuts today. Arsenal have yet to sign anyone, and yesterday it was announced the £37m deal for Julian Draxler was dead in the water. This is the straw that could break the camels back. Arsenal are taking more money from fans than ever before, yet are not investing it at a time when we are in the running for a title.

Rumours are that it is Arsene Wenger who was unwilling to pay the £37m. Whilst this could be true, it would not surprise me if the board have ‘leaked’ this to ensure they have a scapegoat for another farcical transfer window. After last years embarrassing pursuit of Luis Suarez, you’d think we’d have learnt not to put eggs in baskets, only to be unwilling to pay the asking price.

On the Draxler deal, I can see what it has not gone through, and maybe on another day, views will soften on it. Yes, he could become a Ronaldo type player. Yes, he has similar potential to Eden Hazard at 20. Yes, he is one of the most promising youngsters in Europe. But is £37m a lot for ‘could be’, ‘potential’ and promising’? You could argue yes, especially when you see Juan Mata going for a similar price.

Last transfer window, Tottenham signed a promising 20 year old Argentine with bag of potential who had impressed in Italy. Erik Lamela cost them over £30m. And where is he now? Who knows. What is certain is that after just 6 months, Spurs are looking for a buyer and he will be known as one of the Premier League’s biggest flops. Spending big on ‘potential’ is a risk. Will Arsenal regret paying the big bucks for Draxler, like they did with Ronaldo? Or in a few years time, will we be thinking ‘we got that one right’.

The bigger picture on the January transfer window is not really associated with Draxler. Not signing his is as justifiable as signing him. The disgraceful act is not signing anyone. With midfielders aplenty injured, suspended and ageing and with just 1 decent striker, it was clear to everyone where we needed to improve. The thoughts were, get in a defensive midfielder, get in a striker, and the league could be ours. In 2004 we signed Jose Antonio Reyes. Whilst he might not have been a success in the long term – and a perfect example of risking a lot of money on youth – he gave the fans a lift into the second half of the season. A shot of adrenaline.

Instead, we go into Sunday’s clash with Crystal Palace with no new signings, more injuries, 2nd in the league and with fan morale at an all time low. Rather than cheering the club on to victory, rather than being in a positive mood, the atmosphere in the Emirates will be a negative one.

It is hard to act. The club have been a disgrace and shown they do not care about the fans at all. But how do you let them know? Do it before a game, but still go in and it losses its affect. Do it during a game, and it could affect the team – remember, it’s the club not the team who are the disgrace. Protest after the game and again, the club have already got your money. It is such a fine line between getting your voices heard and allowing the negativity to damage the performance.

My only suggestion is next time Ivan Gazidas and the club invites you to a ‘meet Ivan’ event, accept the invitation but do not fo. Boycott it on mass. It will be an embarrassing episode and let him know clearly that Arsenal are a disgrace in the way they are treating fans. Yes, it might means the fan groups or bloggers fall out with the club. They might lose their place at the top table. Or god forbid, they might never be invited to meet Ivan again, or invited to have biscuits and tea after a shirt unveiling, but it is what needs to happen. They’ll be acting for the greater good.

Arsenal – You’re a. Disgrace. Sort it out.


98 thoughts on “Arsenal – You’re a Disgrace

  1. Alan

    For £8m a year I would expect wenger to bring peace to Israel and Somalia. There aren’t any politicians in the world on one 40th of his salary… He can take ozil with him. Ozil will be caught out over next 8 weeks. Remember you read it here

  2. Marcell TrauGott

    comments by Arsenal fans, are just the worst I’v gat to read… Fc Bayern der beste Mannshaft im welt.. Rot blut seit 1900.. Ich hasse Arsenal (I hate Arsenal).. Forza Bayern.

    1. Marcell TrauGott

      @ Alan, yeah! U did run in circle’s… U know what? “0” stands for a circle.. And after running in circle’s, u ended d season in circle’s…. Hahahaha no trophy.. Shame, Alan.. Keep on running in circle’s.. Bayern, ran in Triangle’s (Treble).

      1. LondonIsRed

        Why would a Bayern fan be commenting on an Arsenal blog. You have no reason to hate arsenal unless you are a closet Spurs fan. I admire the fact that Germans can win football trophies because you sure as hell can’t win wars. Shall we call that a double (1st & 2nd).

      2. Marcell TrauGott

        @ LondIsRed, u’r ryt…. I’v gat no reason to hate Arsenal… Coz, Arsenal was d stepping stone on which I stepped on, on my way to a treble season… Dey’r gonna jest dat again dz season… So, I love stepping stone’s, der4, I love gooner’s.. Bt, since Ozil, Gnabry and Podolski are going 2 b trophyless with dem, I hate dem..

  3. STA.Sam

    Any ambitious manager will look for immediate solution.Not waiting for d deadline bargain. I am not saying spend lavishly but look at d purchase of Ozil high money but he is quality. Julian Draxler is a prospect,a quality well spotted by wenger yet,he’s still thinking whether to buy or not even when u have the support of the board. Wenger, u need to be ambitious & become a winner again. Shalom.

  4. peter tosh

    @Alan..yes he bought Ozil under pressure and that was very wrong indeed!!he could hav bought a player of his own choice,like sanogo,giroud,diaby etc av avoided carzola and bcoz thats another player he bought from pressure of loosing fabregas and nasri…am sure ozil was bought bcoz that moments he had lost all stiker targets negotiating 4 cut prizes so he convinced us with ozil bcoz fan would has demanded 4 his head…OZIL WAS THE ONLY GREAT PLAYER WHO WAS AVAILABLE,so he fooled us with him although he has brough positive impact its nt what we wanted most we need DM and ST to complete the work of OZIL

  5. Lanre Adedoyin

    LMAO! What do arsenal fans expect from a man we know all so well already? IF we do sign somebody today it will be a central midfielder to cover the ramsey/flamini absence in this critical period. So those expecting draxler or the world class striker we all pray for will be sorely dissapointed today. We love Ars FC, we love arsene, but we love Arsenal FC more!!! so please arsene, listen to the wants of the ppl that pay your ridiculous gate fees!

  6. The font

    What sort of drugs are you taking ozil will get caught out in the next 8 weeks
    What is he a shoplifter or are you saying you know better than Real Madrid arsenal and 99.9 % of world football . Who all agree he is one of the best footballers in the world
    You knob head

  7. Alan

    We ll remember this conversation in 8 weeks. Frankly for most of the last 8 weeks he s been caught well short. We re carrying him. His biggest value will hopefully be attracting the next generation of Germans, if our board are capable of closing any deals . Really hope I am wrong. I really do.

  8. Alan

    Peter. I may be critical of wenger but one thing he does not do is buckle under pressure from fans , and certainly not to tune of £40m+ .

  9. The font

    I work really hard for my money and I am not a rich man
    And let me tell you what I pay to watch the arsenal is the best value entertainment I could find for the money . And if you disagree and you still go that makes you the dimwit I mentioned earlier

  10. peter tosh

    Alan,hahaa..if its nt the pressure wenger cant spend a single penny.he ld rather use academy 4 decades..he cant even buy a single player if he is left with all discisions and that thng of managers having shares in clubs they manage i totally disagree.if he had no shares he could hav signed all players mentioned..

  11. Ejakait

    It true arsenal is disgrace to the fans.We don’t know who is sleeping on job,imagine from the day the transfer window opened,is when an experienced and a long serving manager start disturbing other teams when its remaining few hours the window to close down.If you do not want to buy,don’t link any player to the club.

  12. Ian Maher

    Have I stumbled on to a Spurs forum by mistake? I cant believe some of the absolute rubbish that’s being spewed out on here today. If you want to see an example of wreckless spending then look no further than White Hart Lane. Not all clubs have sugar daddies like Man City and Chelsea providing bottomless pits of money, we have to be more careful about splashing the cash. Draxler is a good player but he is not worth £37m. It seems some “fans” are saying we should pay it but then say Ozil was a panic buy in the next sentence. Give Arsene a chance to see if he can pull something out the bag, some of you are throwing the toys around already and it’s not even midday yet!

    1. theDude

      I thought it was a Villa site going by the colours.
      Btw op the transfer window is still open till 11pm, so maybe save your balling till then?

  13. Steve.

    if Wenger doesn’t strengthen his side by 11-00pm tonight,I fear the worst, I’m afraid all us Arsenal Supporters have to look forward to is Wengers favourite trophy,4th in the premiership
    league,and I wouldn’t bet too heavy on that, I have never been a great fan of Wenger,the guy’s very clever with words,but I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him,i know you can say,we
    are 2nd in the league,so I will end it on that note,but don’t forget to look at the league table in two months time,you will see what i mean.When Wengers negotiating transfers,i don’t rate him,
    but when he’s negotiating his salary increase,there is no one better. “UP THE GUNNERS”.

  14. ronny (@ronny389)

    Personally, I don’t think Mr Arsene Wenger has confident in himself to win any silver ware this season hence his passive approach to the winter window transfer. He is still complacent being in the top four position which is a great honour for him and I predict a third place for Arsenal by the close of the season’

  15. alex brown

    Wenger is the biggest problem arsenal has, all our board room staff nd shear holders are all thieves nd criminals…

  16. Albert

    lets wait and see, but do we always wait till the last minute of each transfer dead line before buying a player? this is a bad habit we are forming.

  17. Arinze

    20 clubs in the EPL. Arsenal is second on the log without a Ronaldo or a Falcao and the only thing your heads remembers is disgrace. Arsenal is a blessing to footballing youths all over the world. Trophy will come.

  18. Arinze

    20 clubs in the EPL. Arsenal is second on the log without a Ronaldo or a Falcao and the only thing your head remembers is disgrace. Arsenal is a blessing to footballing youths all over the world. Trophy will come. Be patient.

  19. carmelo pace

    hate to say it folks,you ARSENAL fans( like me ) are just a bunch of all talk and no action,the hurt you most when rising pricing,now it pay back time,abandone ship and staw away from theemirates stadium.if that doesnt open their minds of what the supportes wants,than i am afraid nothing will

  20. Alan

    Marcell, from Munich, you ll have to sell your wife or your house to afford the trip to arsenal in February . You must be the only German around who hates arsenal . You re lucky draxler not playing for us this time around

  21. Vinay

    Calling yourself a fan with a heading which says our club is a disgrace???? please dig a hole and bury yourself, how on earth can you call yourself an Arsenal fan, being pissed etc is fine but you said something like this, shame on you

  22. Gooner4life

    Your the fucking disgrace!!! What more do you want. I fucking hate all you miserable, negative and down right boring bloggers. You are not a fan of my beloved club. Your as bad as the fucking national press, I can see you’ve clearly bought in to the anti arsenal vibe otherwise you’d have fuck all to write about!!!
    We’ve been top of the of the league all season, but that’s not enough
    Wenger has championed bringing youth through the ranks and it actually looks like it might start to pay off, but that’s not enough,
    We FINALLY spent big money on ozil and all you can say you are waiting for him to fail and you call yourself a gooner…what more do you fucking want!!!
    If you ain’t got anything constructive to say then keep quiet with your boring, stupid and childish comments. It’s the same every year with you bloggers and your anti arsenal, anti wenger an your scare mongering. If you mugs put the same amount of effort into actually supporting the gooners than mugging them off, you might actually start to enjoy Life.
    Go support the scum, they will give you plenty to write about.

  23. EPPO

    Go and support the Chavs or Citeh mate.

    We have gained more points in the last calendar year than any other team in the Premiership.

    The current team has accumulated near on the same amount of points as the Invincibles had at this time of the Season.

    Read Arseblog and Tim Stillman’s articles for proper balanced views on our beloved club.

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