Which team is 10 games unbeaten, W 8, D 2, F 20, A 4?

Arsenal are a club in crisis. Or that is what you would believe if you listened to the press and only followed the club on twitter. It seems now, a crisis club is defined as one which;

  • Is unbeaten in 2014
  • Has conceded just 4 goals in the last 10 games
  • Has gained 90 points in their last 38 league games
  • Is top of the league

I am more than happy being a crisis club at the moment. If we remove the off field actions of our board from the equation, things are fairly bright and sunny at Arsenal at the moment. Have I mentioned we are top of the league?

Yes, we failed to strengthen in the January transfer window, but who did? Chelsea shuffled their squad, selling attacking players for more defensive ones, resulting in an inability to break down West Ham at home. Neither Manchester City or Liverpool bought anyone. Spurs tried – and failed – to sell every player they bought in the summer. Everton bought Aiden McGeady and signed their 4th loanee (what will they do next year without Barry, Lukaku, Deulofeu & Traore). Finally Manchester United splashed out £37m on an attacking midfielder when they really needed 2 central midfielder’s, 2 centre backs, a right back, a left back and a new manager.

In reality, it is ‘as you were lads’ with regards to the top teams Premier League squads. Yes, we have perhaps missed a trick. Had we got in the 2 players we so desperately need, we could have run away with the league title. But then again, it is fairly hard to improve on 19 points from the last 21. And we are top of the league!

We are being labelled a crisis club, yet look around. Manchester United are 15 points off the summit. 7 points off top 4. They have an incompetent manager who has spent £70m on two players they do not need (Mata & Fellaini). If Arsenal were in Manchester United’s position, the press would be having a field day. But no, Manchester United, in 7th, are in transition, whilst Arsenal, who are top of the league, are a club in crisis.

Spurs are with a new manager, just conceded 5 at home (for the 2nd time this season) and spent £100m on so many duff players that their current top performing central midfielder is a youth team product. Imagine selling your best player, sacking your manager and wasting £100m. Yet all the press talk about is how good a job Tim Sherwood is doing. Meanwhile, Arsenal, who are top of the league, are in crisis and Wenger is incompetent.

Manchester City had been on a great run of late, with 34 points from 36. They were reportedly running away with the league title. Yet at best, they gained a 1 point lead on Arsenal. Arsenal are now top of the league. Manchester City are 2nd, 2 points behind.

And whilst the world go’s on about Arsenal’s midfield problems, with no Ramsey, Wilshere & Flamini, it was their replacement in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who stepped up in the game against Crystal Palace with 2 brilliant goals. Meanwhile, Manchester City, who have spent over £100m on defensive midfielder’s over the last 5 years (Barry, Toure, Garcia, Rodwell, Fernandinho) played yesterdays game with a 33 year old centre back in the engine room.

Even last night on TalkSport, after Manchester City’s home defeat to Chelsea, they spent as more time speaking about Arsenal signing Kim Kallstrom than they did about Demichelis playing central midfield for City.

People are still doubting Arsenal’s credentials when it comes to the title race. Yes, Manchester City have a very strong squad, with plenty of squad depth, and probably are favourites for the title. However, we are now 24 games in. Arsenal are still top. The excuse that we have ‘yet to play anyone’ has passed. It seems now pundits are refusing to even discuss our title chances. Almost ignoring that we exist, that we are top. Yesterday’s game between Chelsea and Manchester City was billed as a title decider. It is February. They are 2nd and 3rd. Arsenal are top.

No matter what you think about our off the field matters at the moment – and they are a disgrace – the men on the pitch are doing there job. When they cross the white line, we need to ensure we are behind them. We need to be the twelfth man. We are not in crisis. We are top of the league. Let’s stay their.



9 thoughts on “Which team is 10 games unbeaten, W 8, D 2, F 20, A 4?

  1. Johnson

    Thank you! Criticisms of Arsenal gets so irritating at times. This is because very few of the crits are fair. These crits serve one purpose though: They make Wenger even more stubborn. That old man is a man of resolve.

  2. Gilbbs

    Its so kul 2 b on top…bt injuries to sme of our key players is getin me frustrated…ave u guys noticed chuks aneke at crewe? Y dnt arsene wenger recal him 4rm loan so e can cova up 4 d injured ones til dey re fit..dat lad is really gifted wit an eye 4 goal…

    1. bc

      as well as learning write in English or at least improve your grammar, you also need to learn the rules. once a player joins a club on loan for the season, he joins for the season. The dead give away is in the sentence “Chuks Aneke has joined Crewe Alexandra until the end of the season”

      As for the basis of your comment, there is a huge gulf between div 1 and the EPL, I will admit Aneke looks a talent, but is he worthy of a place ahead of any of the first team midfielders?


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