No worry about no transfer business for Arsenal

Arsenal fans are starting to get frustrated about the lack of signings. They need to calm the f**k down.

It is early June. Players are on their holiday, or still on international duty. The majority of football is on a well earned break after a long season.

Whenever I hear people moaning that Arsenal have not don’t much business, I take a look at the Premier League website and peruse what business other sides have done. The answer in early June is usually “not much”.

The majority of deals completed so far are either free transfers, youth signings or loan deals turning permanent.

Very little business happens in early June in England.

It was today last season that we made our first non-free transfer signing of the season with Bernd Leno joining the club.

When the biggest deals this summer are Manchester United and Bournemouth signing lower league players, you realise we have not missed out on much.

One of the problems is 24 news and social media. We are inundated with speculation and it feels like not much is happening. They are just trying to fill column inches, raise advertising revenue.

People worry to much about things out of their control.

Maybe worry about things you can influence. Life is easier that way


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