Zaha a no-go for Arsenal

Wilfried Zaha is reportedly Arsenal’s number one attacking target this summer. That worries me.

The Ivory Coast international is one of the most overrated players in the Premier League. One of those players who makes Soccer Am’s highlights reel week in, week out, but actually has very poor output.

Zaha turns 27 next season, and last year was the first time he had ever scored 10 league goals in a single campaign. Crystal Palace’s reported £70million asking price for is too much for a player with his ability and age.

Were Zaha 22 or 23, you would be entitled to think “fantastic young talent” but he is not. In November he turns 27. That means he is not going to get much better. He is at his peak. And any transfer fee spent on him is unlikely to be recouped.

Last season he had a decent season. But it was not an exceptional one.

Yes, he scored 10 goals, but he averaged nearly 300 minutes per goal. The much maligned Theo Walcott Only averaged as high as this twice in his Arsenal career, the last being when he was 22.

In Walcott’s last full season with Arsenal, he scored 19 goals. He was deemed by many as dead wood. Not good enough.

Comparing Walcott to Zaha is one of those ones where Zaha looks a lot better, he beats a man more often, has more tricks. Yet Walcott gets more goals and more assists. Throughout his Arsenal career, Walcott was ugly yet efficient. Zaha is the opposite.

Zaha’s 10 goals this season have come at a very high minutes per goal ratio. Out of all the wingers to score 10 Premier League goals, he had by far the worst ratio.

I understand that on the list, he played for the worst club. But this also means he got the most game time.

Whilst Sterling had to share the limelight with Sane, Silva x2, De Bruyne, everything that Palace did went through Zaha.

Zaha is a good mid-table player. Inconsistent but can win you games. He is the type of player that will put in 5 match winning performances a season, and those 5 performances will be enough to take a team from a relegation battle to mid-table safety.

He would do a job as an impact substitute at a top club, but certainly not at the price Palace are demanding.

There is an argument that he is “better than what Arsenal already have” which whilst true, does not mean we should buy him. Being better than what we have does not necessarily make him the best option.

Even if he was on the market at £40million, I would still feel that as overpriced. There are younger, cheaper, more exciting players in world football.


3 thoughts on “Zaha a no-go for Arsenal

  1. Omar Khadine

    Yes, Wilfried Zaha has quick feet and a reasonable turn of foot(nothing exceptional, not in comparison to top players with Acceleration and Sprinting Speed) and some pleasing to the eye skills, but Zaha is “well Over-Priced”.

    As I have posted before, Hirving Lozano is far far superior in every department to Zaha and reasonably priced around £38m from PSV. In comparison ;

    Apps. Mins Goals Assists
    Wilfried Zaha 39 3062 10 5
    Hirving Lozano 43 3333 21 10
    Stats: WhoScored.

    Thus Wilfried Zaha; 306mins per goal
    Hirving Lozanao 159 mins per goal
    Lozano is twice as “Efficiency Superior” at “Half the Cost”.


  2. Sebastian

    I must admit I disagree with you on this one pal. Zaha plays in a rubbish team and not only that but most players are at their peak between the age of 27 and 31 so we’d be getting a player who is reaching his most confident and able age. I understand your comparison with Walcott, but I personally think Walcott’s stats tell a misguided story – Theo was rarely, if ever, the difference maker, he was the guy that scored the 4th goal in a 4-0 home win – Zaha is pace and trickery and gives the opposition full backs a reason to not bomb forward.

    I think a better comparison would have been Alex Oxlade Chamberlain – that guy scored 9 Arsenal league goals in 132 games. 9!! That’s one goal every 15 games! For an Arsenal attacker!! And he sold for £35m with 1 year left on his contract!!!

    I think £80m is a bit too steep, but at £65m I’d have him to be honest. It’s not like he’d have to adapt to the league – we all love Lacazette and he only scored 13 last season….


  3. Self Righteous

    I’m not all that fussed about Zaha and the only positive in buying him would be that he wouldn’t be playing against us again, but if you want an overrated, overpriced, divey, couldn’t make it with the last top side he played for then he’s great choice.



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