Suffering from transfer fatigue

I am tired of it all.

Tired of the 24/7 news, tired of Sky Sport’s News “Transfer Centre”, tired Twitter ITKs, tired of the media fabricating speculation. I am tired of attention seekers moaning that we have not signed anyone yet, tired of people running around Islington with a tired megaphone. Tired of people complaining just to build a profile. I am tired of it all.

I have transfer fatigue.

Each morning I try and write a blog. I love writing. It is a release for me. Something to relax the mind. Even if my spelling is horrendous, I hope that over the years I have contributed to the Arsenal discussion.

I do not blog for money. The site has raised a few thousand through advertising in the 5 years, the majority of which has been donated to charity – we have raised over £3,000. I try and stay away from writing click bait articles. I try and discuss how a player would improve us, other possibilities, and tactical analysis’s. I try and write up my experience going to games home and away. But this summer has been tough.

It has been tough to motivate myself to write something, and that is due to the lack of subject matter. It happens every summer. At least I can console myself with a playmgm bonus code.

Once you decide to try not to comment on transfer speculation, there is very little to talk about. I have searched Arsenal daily to try and find something that is worthwhile discussing further. The truth is there is not. Just 100s of articles a day linking us to hundreds of different players. It is getting boring.

With work getting manic, it is perhaps time to put the blog on a short hiatus. To have a break. It might be a day, it might be a week, it might be a month.

Our 1st pre-season game is in exactly a weeks time – Colorado Rapids away.

If nothing relevant in The Arsenal world happens, that will be the next time you hear from me.

Time to rest the brain.



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