WeCareDoYou – A response to the transfer window

I would like to state that this is my personal response to the transfer window and that as one of those who arranged the orginal supporters groups/bloggers meeting and as one of those who was signatory on the orginal statement for WeCareDoYou I have full rights to express my views, but it is just that my view. I can not speak for all involved.

I have felt over the last day or so that I owe it to those who have followed me, backed me, exchanged views with me and advised me over the years that I say something from my persepctive right now, especially as so many of you got right behind the WeCareDoYou online campaign……

I’d  like to thank everyone who came to the first meeting, those who were then involved in getting a verbal agreement at the meeting and then after just over a month of compremises got the statement agreed which was put out.  It was a brilliant group effort, with many playing their part and there was no ego’s. I’d also like to thank everyone of the 105,000 people who signed the petition agreeing with its wording and backing it, you are the real stars of this. The response was staggering for all involved. It was the largest and most backed online football protest ever, not just from fans of The Arsenal but of any football club worldwide.

Did it have any baring on the transfer window ? who knows, Im certainly not so vain to claim any credit for it and no-one else should either. But it certainly shock the club so much Josh got woke up at 4am and was forced into an immediate direct response.

It was a 9 out 0f 10 transfer window for me, Raul played a blinder and is rightly getting full praise for shuffling the pack, getting in whats hopefully needed and shipping out some wage drains. Add to that getting money for the former captain who was on strike and no right minded Arsenal fan can have too many complaints about this summer, it was so much better than when Wenger/Ivan had control of the cheque book.

Of course those who earn a living from youtube hits will be slaging the transfer window off, how else can they earn a penny but from causing outrage. This is why none of them were invited to attend the orignal meeting or asked there views on how to go forwards as a unified supporters base.

From my perspective I was hoping the #WeCareDoYou would be so much more than just one transfer window, it was a big chance for the main supporters groups and bloggers to unite for the greater cause. Those who attended the orignal meeting hardly spoke about this transfer window and that was reflected in the statement. Yes everyone wanted the club to really kick in this summer, yes everyone was unhappy about Ramsey leaving for nothing, but it was far from the main topics of conversation on the night. It was never about simply spending money.

The orginal statement and petition carried a lot of points which were discussed at the meeting, to which eventually all involved did agree on –

Better player contract dealings – Which looks like its being resolved

KSE attending meetings and games – They failed to attend the last fan groups meeting

Club directors – No change in adding a younger and more diverse board

Safe Standing – Still no news on even planning a feasibilty study

Buying tickets online – Worse than last season already

Ticket prices – Dont hold your breath !

London Living wage – Still passing it off too the contractors

European Super League – Radio silence

No real statement of the clubs meduim term aims or direction.

So yeah, this is where we are. Personally whilst I feel this summer on paper has been a major step forwards on the playing side, KSE still have a lot to reply too still. We on SheWore will carry on engaging with former and current match going fans, engage with overseas fans and we will carry on the debate about the real issues. We will carry on questioning KSE

I hope the others join us.


Up The Arsenal





6 thoughts on “WeCareDoYou – A response to the transfer window

  1. Avenell Road London N5

    The game has moved far beyond the sphere of influence of mere bloggers and grass roots supporters like us. All we can do now is spectate and speculate and hope.


  2. Tony

    Good blog Gav, but I am not convinced our transfers were all a success. I know Kos’s attitude was not reflected well but he was still a good defender with a contract, and to let him go for 4.5M was a joke. They then pay 8M for Luiz at the last moment when they knew they needed a replacement and Cahill was available for free, and arguably better than both of them. They let Ramsey go for nothing when they could have given him a contract and then sold him for profit and pay 3M for a loanee replacement that is unproven and possibly not as good. They did the same last year with Wiltshire and In my opinion two deals they lost good money. They played with Celtic for a cheaper deal and paid the money and the same with the Pepe deal. In both of these deals they were lucky and vulnerable to another club stealing deals. If reports are correct that I have read, Arsenal spent 136M on players in and collected 60M on sales, but they have an outstanding debt of 54M for Pepe to be paid in the next 3 years in 18m installments. So the total cash outlay was 22M this year with 54M debt. If they sell Mustafi above 22M then they have made a paper profit this year dependent on payment structure. Considering reports unsubstantiated stated Arsenal had a budget of 45M which was denied by Arsenal chiefs, in reality Kroenke has spent nothing if they sell Mustafi for the estimated value. I hope the newbies live up to the hype and we have a good season. Aussie gooner.


    1. Gav shewore

      It’s very difficult to do the numbers until the club put the next set of accounts in. It’s very likely that Iwobi is being paid to us in instalments for example, we also have other in and out instailments from previous summers too. This is before agent fees for the new players plus fees for players who have extended contracts.


  3. Jimmy B

    Despite what you may wish to believe, the reality is that Ramsey wouldn’t sign. Wilshire was permanently injured. If they’d extended, they’d have had (another) couple of years paying him to sit on the treatment table. As a free agent, the best he got was West Ham and he’s barely made an appearance for them. Kos has been fucked for the last few seasons and downed tools to get out. I think they were lucky to get anything for him because he’s held together with Sellotape. Cahill would have been a better defender than Luiz in 1978 but that was a while back and the game’s changed. Let’s see who picks him up now he’s a free agent. I very much doubt it’ll be a club in the top half of the PL. As for the rest Tony… you’re just fucking moaning mate. i



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