Changing the manager is not the solution

And so it continues…

Under Arsene Wenger the infighting with Arsenal fans was draining, and many have continued their over the top defence or attacking of the manager with Unai Emery.

We have people comparing Emery to Pardew, Allardyce and Tony Pullis. “The Spanish David Moyes” is often tweeted.

I am sorry but I must have missed when these men lead teams to trophies

Meanwhile Emery has 10 winners’ medals locked up in his safe, including 3 European ones (more than Arsenal have in their history).

You can, of course, criticise. Likewise, you can praise. But it comes to a point where it is all a little over the top on both sides. Almost like people are fighting for their bit of attention.

Emery and Arsenal are struggling at the moment. But we as fans need to stick with the team.

The defeat to Sheffield United and draw against Watford are why Arsenal are battling for top 4, rather than a title chasing team.

We know it will take time to rebuild us into a title chasing team, and whilst Emery might or might not be the man to take us forward, he needs to be given a fair crack of the whip.

<> at Emirates Stadium on May 23, 2018 in London, England.

Unai Emery is a top manager.

You do not win 3 Europa League’s and be named European Coach of the Season if you are a poor manager.

Half way through last season he seemed to get lost within himself. Unsure what to do. Who to play. How to play.

The defensive issues were clear to all and he tried to resolve them. But perhaps tried too hard, swapping between systems and personnel without really allowing anyone or anything to settle.

It is like putting in a strategy in your work place to address underperformance. It does not go well straight away so you change it. And change it again. And again. The problem is not that the strategy is wrong, but not enough time has been allowed to lapse to allow the strategy to become a success.

Emery has been like this with Arsenal.

He is clearly overthinking things. Over complicating things. Constantly chopping and changing what he is trying to do. Players like confused. Unsure what to do. This is poor management.

But it is also something that is easy resolved.

He needs someone senior to put their arm round him, tell them they have faith in him, his methods and his people. To not overcomplicate things. Put out your strongest XI in their best formation and let them play. And just because they do not win their 1st game together, do not make huge changes for the next game.

Have faith in the strategy and give it time to materialise.

Jurgen Klopp was like this at Liverpool.

Despite finishing 8th in his 1st season and back to back 4th places in his next two, he kept faith in what he was trying to do. He ended up leading Liverpool to 2 Champions League Finals – winning 1 – and they currently sit 6 points clear at the top of the league.

The difference between Klopp and Emery is self-confidence. Klopp came across as knowing what he was doing, even when it was not going well and Liverpool were losing to Swansea, Hull and Bournemouth. Emery on the other hand lacks the self-belief, the confidence of Klopp.

This might be the language barrier. It might be just their personalities.

Changing the manager does not instantly change things. The perfect example of that is up at Manchester United.

In the 6 seasons since Alex Ferguson left, United have got through 4 managers – David Moyes, Luis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer. They have spent nearly £850million on new players, including a record breaking central defender in Harry Maguire and breaking the transfer record with Paul Pogba. They spend nearly £70million more annually on wages than both Manchester City and Liverpool.

Despite all the investment, the chopping and changing of managers, they have just 2 top 4 places to show for it in 6 seasons. They have finished as low as 7th.

Under Solsjkaer they sit 14th in the league table…

What this shows is that getting rid of Emery and employing the new fans favourite Massimiliano Allegri will not guarantee and instant change in Arsenal’s success.

In van Gaal and Mourinho; Manchester United employed 2 top managers. The pair both got the team into the top 4 and won 3 trophies between them. They were both sacked.

Allegri, Mikel Arteta, or Freddie Ljungberg would not guarantee Arsenal instant success. Especially if they are not given the time to build their team and implement their strategy.

The other side of the coin is that sticking with Emery will not necessarily lead to the success of Jurgen Klopp.

It is all about making the right decision on the manager at the right time. The 22nd of October is not the right time.

Arsenal currently sit in 5th place in the table; just a couple of points off 3rd. Emery is still the best man to take us to top 4 this season. Get behind him and then make a decision on moving forward in the summer.

If all you do is sit on Twitter and moan, you become no better than those attention seeking idiots who spent half a decade of their life moaning about Wenger.


9 thoughts on “Changing the manager is not the solution

  1. Goonerjay

    Sorry Keenos, I usually agree with you but on this I don’t.
    We have a far better squad than we had 2 seasons ago under Wenger but if anything have gone backwards in terms of performance. We have no philosophy for attacking and every game look so nervous and short of ideas.
    The whole world can see we play better with Torreira sitting deep and that Xhaka has been beyond poor so far this season. Yet we get Xhaka starting every single week and Ozil who hasn;t been as poor as Xhaka in the very limited football he’s had this season has been completely pushed out of the squad when we can’t create anything. We are creating less chances than we have for over a 2 decades and our defence hasn’t improve a jot – How long do we settle for that?
    For me Emery needs to go now and we need to throw our hat into the ring to get Alegri.
    We are getting outplayed weekly by lesser squads and that is down to the manager.


  2. Grant

    Sorry but I to disagree with you, Emery is way out of his depth in the Premier league and should be given his P45 ASAP. This season is going to get a whole lot worse, if he is still manager 8n January we are not making the top 6 let alone top 4. 18 months with pretty much the same group of players, is more than enough time to get your idea’s and system across and to know your best 11. Sadly Emery is a rabbit court in the head lights, and will be getting run over very soon.


  3. DickEmery

    Sorry but you are just making excuses for this guy.

    He is not god, it is not blashpemy to criticise someone who promised so much with his own words.
    Protaganist, would rather lose 5-4 chasing a game, has a dossier to improve every player in the squad esp the youth, would improve our defensive record and away record, would get us back in top 4 instantly etc.

    How about we hold the coach accountable for what has now been over a yr and millions into emerys journey and lets look at what he has actually done to improve Arsenal. Not much in my view and i am fed up of this ultra sensitive view that we cannot criticise a man who promised so much. You said that you could do a better job than what Wenger is doing.


  4. Olanrewaju Iyinolakan

    I dont doubt your persuasive power though; you just convinced me to at least give Unai a chance. However, you compare with Man U in 14th position. My fear is, the next 2 matches to Crystal Palace and Wolves might just tilt Arsenal into 14th position: going by the fact that these 2 teams do not fear Arsenal home or away….they took points from Arsenal last season.
    Rather, everybody sees who Unai should play or not play, but only Emery sees differently the need to play Willock instead of Ceballos, or Saka for 90 minutes! It’s just not it. What’s the point having 3-5 days between matches if you cant come up with a good squad on match day?
    My wife doesn’t understand why I still support Arsenal, but it’s beyond support. It’s a love for the team you love…COYG


  5. Joe Taylor

    Love the article and opinion, I always do. I also agree with the sentiment and views on emery here. However I’m sure Jurgen Klopp was appointed in October 2015?


  6. Graham

    The problem you seem to be missing is the Emery does not understand this league and doesn’t seem to be able to adapt to it.
    The team on Monday night shows that , why do you play 2 youngsters over Torreira and Lacazette any one watching football could tell you Sheffield would be way to much for them.
    And why can’t he get the best out of Ozil , he would have been perfect against Bournemouth.
    I agree the youngsters need to play but right time and right place.


  7. Faizal hashim

    Couldnt agree with u on this. Emery has whole of last season to imprint his vision, ideas or style of play and i reserve my criticism then. But we have gone through several games in the 2nd season n i dont see what good his bringing into arsenal game. Benching our best defenders, best DM in favor of lesser quality players simply doesnt add up. Makes people think he doesnt even know his best eleven. Players being played out of their best positions is not helping either. I still think ljundberg would make a better gaffer than emery.


  8. Tony Ikpo

    Sorry I cannot agree with you on this. Every team reflects it’s manager eventually. Emery is timid and hesitant in making big bold decisions. The team has begun to reflect his personality. Better he goes now rather than later before long term damage is done to the team.



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