2 days without sport – it felt like a lifetime

Is this what it is like to have no sport in your life?

I probably underestimate how much time I spend watch sport. Not just football, but rugby, cricket, 1, boxing. Add in darts, snooker, athletics, the Tour de France.

It has only been 2 days. A single weekend. But the boredom set in at around lunch on Sunday.

I’d been for a walk at 7am. I’d done some cleaning and tidying. Gave the grass a mow and had multiple cups of tea. Then it was 13:26 and I had no clue what else to do. It felt like I was just waiting for night to draw in when I could go to sleep and be up for a new day.

I have no idea how people who do not like sport cope. What do they do at weekends? How do they fill their time?

With Brighton cancelled, I met up with most of the lads I go home and away with in Kings X at noon on Saturday. We were all stuck for something to do.

Non-league was an option – but Barnet and Borehamwood has their games cancelled. Shall we go Sutton or Dulwich Hamlet? How about going to Richmond; watch an amateur game game of rugby.

Kempton Park was mooted, but some of us were still sore after Cheltenham losses.

Instead we sat in the pub, watching the horse racing on our phones, losing more money. Then a decision was made.

Let’s go Hurricane Rooms and play some pool. At least that’ll kill a few hours.

A few hours later we were exited the dark and dingy place just off Grays Inn Road to bright sunshine.

Hit up a few pubs towards Farringdon (which were fairly empty) then off home for a curry.

With no sport for the forceable, I imagine most weekends will be the same.

Pick an area of London. Hit a few pubs. Home for some dinner. Sunday’s spent gardening.

Maybe I should use the time and go to the gym? I have one in my loft!

Hopefully we do not go into a full lock down. That will be completely over the top. At least whilst we can wander the streets we can stay partially occupied.

A full lock down and no sport will not be good for the mental health. Neither will spending the time on social media taking about not very much.

We will get through this next few weeks, or months. Everyone stay safe. And hopefully some sport returns soon



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